The White Assassin ~Part 1~

Action tale that is another part of the world of Marenda

Twenty years have passed. Twenty years. I haven’t seen my mother in twelve, and my sister in five, but for twenty years, I am stuck with my gift, that everyone else sees as a curse.

Ever since birth, I have had the ability to transform into the wind. Every time the wind howls and blind the young children of Tunasta with flurries of snow, it signals that I am near. Ever since birth, people have looked down on me, and thought of me as nothing but a rogue and the Queen’s mistake, that Queen Sophia should have never given birth to such an “abomination.” Those who said those words under their tongue have lived to regret it. It never grows old, blowing through a village, gathering up the words they say about me under their tongue. They all hate me, but those who have met me don’t, because they know what it’s like to be feared.

The White Assassin doesn’t kill the innocent; she seeks out and destroys the evil. She devours the villains in her winds and blizzards of snow. Tunasta, the Snowy country, is home of the White Assassin, and it always will be. As long as her silk-white hair, and the X-shaped scar on her cheek still survive, then so will she, because she is me. I am the White Assassin.

The End

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