The Whistler

He hated this alley. It was thin and seemed to crawl round the endless brickwork either side. memories of childhood, being punched, kicked and thrown down on this gravel path. His anxiety grew stronger as the wind forced upon him. looking back for reassurance he understood he’d descended too far now. It was the quickest way home that Vincent often avoided. It seemed like an endless labyrinth with alternative paths sprouting out its stem randomly.

Only able to see a few meters ahead Vincent’s heart began to race as he paced forward. As he passed the alleys junctions he briskly glared down the paths either side. Nothing. Though the night was too dark to be entirely sure. His footstep kicked up the gravel disabling his ears, the sharp steps echoed through the slender path. Vincent new these were echoes, though stopped suddenly in suspicion of a follower. The sound ceased and only Vincent’s heavy irregular breaths could be heard. His throat grew dry as he now paced faster and faster down the alley, the echoes grew louder and he swiftly turned his head from left to right at another crossing.

There was something there. There was definitely something down that one. Toward the left. A slight movement. Perhaps, perhaps just a bit of trash moving with the wind. Though perhaps not. His glance was swift, not long enough to catch even the general silluettee of the thing. He ran further into the alley, now breathing frantically unable to swallow through his sticky throat. The echoes grew louder. Louder and faster. The hellish noise tormented him as he crashed from wall to wall, stumbling over objects he could not see. Suddenly he fell hard and fast onto the cold gravel. Blood began to seep from his head as he struggled to stand shaking off the small stoned from his face. He wilted to the floor again. Then, an noise, an uncertain noise. It was a snarling maybe. He eyes grew wide and his heart thumped against is chest like a caged animal.

The unholy screams snaked up the alley as he looked down into the eye of a beast. It stared back sinking it decaying teeth into Vincent’s flesh. He screamed and cursed at the beast, only able to see its blackened form and lifeless green eyes. The smell of decay swept over Vincent as his leg jolted back and forth. He swung his limbs in desperation. The animal tugged and pulled in viciously, tearing the gaping wound evermore. He could not hear his screams over the snarling of the beast. Its ghastly jaw now clamped to Vincent’s calf exposing bone as it twist and turned.

Tears of pain trickled from Vincent’s reddened eyes as the ferocious fiend thrust its teeth further up the leg. A river of blood now consumed the floor beneath them ever increasing with the drip dripping from the foul beasts mouth. Suddenly a sharp whistle, that of a human, trust down the hollow alley. The beast wearily loosened its jaw, though not to release. For a slight moment only Vincent’s whimpers could be herd, until the whistle sounded again. The pointed wolf like eyes of the beast arouse. Vincent stared into its deep eyes. They were like none he had ever seen. The fiend then turned suddenly taking a chunk of Vincent’s flesh with its jaws. Vincent screamed once more as the beast fled into darkness


The End

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