Good Memories

As Sly turned the corner, he couldn't help but think about the old days at the pub. He could see it, looming up ahead, eerily darker than the other buildings around it. The overpass was only a half block past it. He remembers the times he'd go spend conversations with the smokers out there, hiding from the rain under the concrete structure. It was always a comfort walking through that door though; making his way to the bar and sitting down for a drink, surrounded by friends.

Nevertheless, some things must end, or at least become distant and lose novelty. The bar was still running, no worries on that. But its patronage was not like before. Once upon a time, the wildest things occurred within those walls: The dead came to life, (well, at least half way) Holes opened up in the floor that lead to secret places where rock stars of all times jammed for the heck of it. People genuinely having a great time.

Today, it was much more quiet, with only its few occupants. He walked passed its door, the stained glass windows invited him, and for a moment he thought he was reaching for the long brass handle, but decided against it.

He had other things to do after all.

"I'll be back someday" He said to himself as he turned from the door and continued on his way. The evening light dimmed, and the fingernail sliver of the moon could be seen poking out from the top of the city core as night began to fall once again on this solemn street. 

The End

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