For you my love. I know

In the wake of all the drama that moon had brought in to the story and being put in a gennie bottle was a bit too much for her.

So she weaved a line between both worlds and erased from moon`s memories all that happen in the last minutes,and in return allow her to stay with a feeling that all was well.

She put moon amongst the one she loved and went back to the pub,he would be here shortly...

So much to tell him, where to start ?

She knew he would create a fuss when he found about what had been agreed upon, and yet the news of their son had been cut short by moons appearence.

 As much as she grown to love moon, she could have picked a better moment to to drop in !

"Why did I have to learn from a complete stranger ?Have you grown to hate me ? Have I hurt you that much ?."

The pain she could see in his eyes,the tone of voice,she should have known better.

Her proud husband could deal with everything thrown at him, but where she was concern he was defenseless as a new born baby.

Aproaching him,she started to speak.

"I didn`t say anything to anyone prior to talking to you,Moon spoke out of turn,this realm is habitat to humans,and here they rule,they interfere not to create havoc but because they care,Moon sense pain and because of love for me she tought she could help.

"She does not know I don`t need proctection from you. Never from you, my love."

As the words left her mouth, the bodies pressed as one, the need to put all aside for a second until ...

They kissed.

The pub came to live because of them.

The air filled with music made for lovers, and all around the pub and slowly going into the walls and outside,surronding the world  a sense of wellbeing of love, spread through the world.

For the rullers of the dream realm, were once again expressing love.

In this night ,on Christmas Eve.

He had brought them here to shoothe her and she had gave him a gift of live,his wife.

She was his world, today ,everyday until they last breath and even after that,she was his world, and with this kiss he let her know.

"For what you have in mind, maybe we should go back home."

There it was, the laughter in those amazing green eyes, the smile that promise so much. She was back.

"There is more I need to tell you but right now ,I need you."

A certain look ,a posture that said this is adjured because I miss you as well and right now ,I need you.

He surronded her and in a matter of tought they disapeared.


Because it was Christmas Eve, Carla tought about the presents she wanted to give to everyone in this story so she closed her eyes and looked inside herself and allowed the images to appear, with a smile and a nod she simply granted them, and let a message for them at the pub.

It read the following :

         From me to you all,

                                             May all your wishes come true,

                                                                          Merry Christmas,


The End

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