Carla Confesses

Moonwalker came up the stairs from the underground hotel for dead musicians, The Hotel California. She heard the music and saw Carla dancing in the arms of an extremely handsome man with a very sexy physique. 

They didn't see her, but Moonwalker watched them closely. Moon was an expert at reading body language. She could pretty much tell how they were feeling, if not how they were thinking. She had been able to tell if someone was lying to her almost from childhood. This had made her a very effective crown attorney for the Queen's Bench.

She was good at arguing, too. She could  convince her opponent that black was blue, or white, or any other colour she chose.  She could see by the way that Carla slumped in her man's arms that she was completely  exhausted. Moon could also tell by the strong set of Carla's jaw that she had made a very painful decision.

Carla's man was holding on to her in an almost clutching embrace. Moon could tell that he was trying desperately to keep her from slipping away. Moonwalker didn't like to see Carla in so much obvious pain.

Just then, as the couple waltzed closer to her table, the man opened his eyes and saw Moon sitting there. In the blink of an eye, the man disappeared.  Carla was apparently dragged with him against her will, because her visibility kept winking in and out.

If Moon hadn't seen Carla create a library out of nothing, she probably would have fainted. As it was, she just sat there and stared with her mouth gaping open. Then Carla appeared again without the man.

Carla walked over to Moon's table, put her head down on her arms and started to weep bitterly. Moon looked around to make sure that nobody was watching. They were alone, but it was a pub, someone could walk in at any moment.

Moon walked over to Carla, put an arm over the younger woman's shoulder, and whispered in her ear. "Can you take us somewhere quiet where we can talk unobserved?" Carla looked up through teary eyes and nodded slowly.

Suddenly they were in a room that had curved sides, and big plush velvet floor cushions. There was a small table with a hot foaming Irish coffee on it for Moon. As Moon  sat down on a cushion she looked up, and saw that the ceiling rose and narrowed like the neck of a bottle. "Are you a Genie? If you are, it would explain a lot!" Moon said with a grin.

Carla shook her head slowly, wiping the tears from her eyes with a tissue that appeared out of nowhere. Moon didn't even react. She was becoming used to things appearing and disappearing around Carla. "I'm not a Genie, I'm a Goddess." Carla said frankly.

Moon laughed. " I like to think of myself as a goddess  too, but my mirror keeps lying to me." Carla shook her head. I'm not joking. I really am a Goddess." She nodded, and the cushion Moon was sitting on rose in the air. Moon clutched the sides of the cushion and turned pale. "I get air sick!" She cried.

The cushion gently lowered to the floor. "That's better," Moon said, reaching for the Irish Coffee.  "This is my private room, I fashioned it from the bottles of several real Genies that I know." Carla commented.

Moon  started sipping her coffee. "You're obviously troubled, Carla. I'm an excellent listener, and I might even be able to help. Sometimes a fresh perspective can change everything." Carla gazed piercingly at Moon. She must decide if she could trust Moon with her innermost secret.

Carla decided that Moon could be trusted. "You've met my sister Cassandra," She started. Moon nodded. " She's in love with Sly, and she doesn't want to return to our omniscient realm. She argues with our mother, who is the Queen of our realm."

 I've always been the referee between them,and I'm usually objective, but this time I'm completely on Cassie's side. I told our mother that if Cass wants to stay on earth with her true love, she should be allowed to do that. My mother disagrees. She says that if Cass wants to live with humans she'll have to become human".

"Cass agreed to those terms, and Mother was furious. Then she said that Cass could never see me or the rest of her family again. Cass agreed to that. There was nothing Mother could do to change Cassie's mind, so she turned on me. She thought that by punishing me, I could make Cass change her mind."

"Mother is the only one that knows that I'm pregnant. I haven't even told my husband." Carla said. "So I'm guessing that the hunky man is not only your husband, but a god as well." Moon said. Carla nodded.

"Mother wants me to trade my baby's life for my sister's freedom." Moon jumped up from her cushion screaming, spilling her coffee. "The miserable b***h! Carla was shocked. No one had ever spoken about her mother in those terms, or at least they had never lived to tell about it.

"You're lucky that this room is completely sound proof," She told Moon, who just sat there fuming at Carla's terrible mother. "Anyway, I've decided to tell my mother that as soon as my baby is born, she is to give it to my husband to raise, and then she can take my life for Cassandra's freedom. Then Moon actually did faint.

While Carla  gently shook  Moon's shoulder to wake her, her husband quietly wept. He had been listening behind the ornate brocade curtain that closed off the sleep space from the rest of the room.

When she had struggled to get away from him at the pub, he knew that she would turn up here eventually.  This bottle was his idea in the first place, to give her safe refuge from her mother's  and sister's battles. He had helped her build it. He had been waiting for her, and he had heard everything.

The End

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