For you my love

Christmas Eve and all was well in the world, in another realm were Gods and other mistical creatures lived he waited.

After almost a week his plan was in action,today on the night before christmas his aim was to put a smile in her face,his wife.

As usual a tought of her made is face go softer,as a ruller of this realm of dreams he had a posture to prevail,she had change all that.

From the beginning she would refuse to obey,to stand down,always a fighter,even if lately he could barely recall the last time they had fought,she had gone amiss for a few days after what they call now as the episode,and when she had return a very submissive Carla ocupied the place of a once full of energy ,of ideas,a ball buster,that is how he named her after the first time they had clashed,he remenbered it well.

Their families had been trying to pair him of with Cassandra, not that he had anything against her but since he looked at her sister no other woman would do.

It had been an awaikenning of the senses, an irony in itself that both were the sisters of fate.

In charge of the outcame of the human world, and from the moment he cross paths with her, everything seem richer, bigger, he had known then and there she belong to him,and in a moment of anger he had almost destoyed her.

Now a week after the nupcials at taken place she continue absent, she still sleep in his bed ,but the heart was no longer there so he had not touched her,his wife and they hadn`t even consumated the weding night,it was driving him insane...

So he had come up with this because he could no longer sustain seeing her so sad.

He need her back and tonight seemed like a night for miracles so he ironcly prayed for one,that is how much this petite woman had made him change.

He was here in their bedroom,she was still laying in bed lately she felt diferent, she suspect the reason why, but she did not know yet what she would do,since they had barely spoken in the days since the marriage,he had left her alone.

She knew he still desired her and yet...


Because she missed him,she went.

"Where are we going ?"

Certain things she could refuse to see,normally her own destiny was blocked from her,aldough Cassandra knew hers,she never consider asking it was not wise to attempt to interfere with destiny, you only brought misery onb your self,as she later had found out when trying to help her sister.

And today if they were less amours to each other they had only to blame themselfs, him for wanting to defend her and not trusting her.

Herself for wanting to spare him from choosing between his love of her and his family.

In the end the outcame had been bad enough.

 Their unborn child had been the price her mother had demanded for allwing Cassandra to stay behind.

 A life for a life .

So they had sacrifice one in other for the other to life.

 Cassandra never knew the reason why their mother had changed her views of Sly or the price it had cost to Carla soul.

Since that night ,not long ago, she had died inside nothing felt the same her universe was out of focus and if the fact she still loved him was no longer enough, she wanted to be deade with her child so she punished herself by denying to feel anything.

Dead as her child...

But in the amiss of all this drama he had come for her in the realm of humans the same ones they had swore to protect and defend against all harm,most time sfrom themselfs,he had come here for her, she knew he would, and she didn`t even preventedit.

She could have done, but.

"I have something to show you."

The hands are locked together as he takes them here, this place she grew to know , this place she paid such a high price to defend, she was back...


The pub was lighted in very smooth lights, enough for her to see that someone had gone to a lot off trouble to celebrate christmas, she looked around expecting others to show themselfs, and yet a doubt formed in her mind, the place had no soul in it, she would now, they were alone.

A song starts to play "Always on my mind."

A mesage of love for her ?

She wanted to ask him,and yet because of all,because part of her feared he could never forgive her for fighting to keep their child,that was the reason that had made her run in the first place, she was not certain of his answer so she had left.

And know she didn`t know anything.

 This ? What did this mean ?

He could see her trying to reason everything.

His wife could not be fooled for long but he need to tell her he understood,that he didn`t blame he,he regreted she had been in that position to have to choose in the first place.

But if blames had to be given to her mother had a lot to answer for. Not her, never her.

He wanted to turn her, see in her eyes she understood what he was trying to say, and yet he didn`t move he waited for a sign.

He waited for her.

She could feel the ice that had been surronding her heart melt away, she felt everything then, his sorrow, his pain, and above all his love.

He would have let her go, her husband. This man who bowed for no one would have let her go without a figh,and told her everything she never asked.

Slowly, she turn, her eyes  low.

She changed one thing in the seting he had laid out .

She change the music and put on this...

"Dance with me."


The pair dance in the pub alone,in a world apart from our own, because some times loving someone is letting go of the past.

She spoke in to his chest.

"I am sorry."

"No,I am."

They stoped, they looked in each others eyes, and he found out the truth, she had save both, Cassandra and their child.

"How ?"

"My life, my decision."

The End

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