A GOD...

She had been here for the first time because of a man,tonight a week from christmas she came back because she wanted to stay away from another.

The pub had been a nice hideout hence her destination.

Deserted since moon had last writen in, the pub showed signs of neglect.

"... Sly would not aproved of this..."

Since creating a library with the power of her imagination had not presented any  trouble. Cleanning dust should be less of a challenge.

Whithin a few minutes of finding everything she need it, she started to restore the pub to one of its original state.

The music box played a tune by sheer wish alone, it was as if it sensed that she was sad, and it ofered refuge .

Maybe because it knew her well enough now it play Buble in " ..Dream..."

A  sigh is heard.Hers.

Time stoped while the pub slowly came back to life.

The only thing missing where its normal custommers.

She could almost recall every single one . Their capacity to create a diferente world at push of button and with a wild imagination and a sense of adventure it became home away from home where friends gathered to spend some quality time together, with a drink in their hand .

The center table was a good sitting place as any other since all the tables were empty.

Closed eyes, a heavy burden on her shoulders almost as if caring the weight of the world there.

 A very small figure in deserted pub, listenning to Buble.

She almost wished that Sly was here, she had after all she had promised him a beer on the last contact by email. On a whim she mentally poured his  drink and left on the bar.

" To absent friends.." And in a gesture of salute she raised her hand, no glass on it.


" You do realise that making a toaste works so much better if you actually have a drink in your hands ?.."

That voice.

" What are you doing here ? I am sure that my despair has not reach so far , at least not yet, that you would have picked on it, or cared for that matter..."

The eyes remainned closed but the body language had changed. It closed but that did not seem to scare him away, he had felt her sorrow .

It called to him,as her other half even if she fought until her last breath it was his job to shoothe and make it all better. With a sneer he aproached her, she mite as well have do not come near me tatooed on her forehead.

"How could I have stayed away ? You are sad. It is my duty to take care of you, why fight it, you know you can`t win, not this we are bethrothed, give in  Carla , you will only hurt yourself little one..."

She wished she could make him go away like everything else she could control here, but even has the tought processed a voice spoke inside her mind.

" No.You wouldn`t..."

Her reason to hide in the first place.


So tired.

"Let me make it better..."

His arms surronded her a much bigger frame around a small one. Looking in you would see a man and a woman in a very private moment. You would leave to allow them some privacy, he looks at her as if she is his queen, but if you bother to stay for a minute and pay attention to her eyes they speak a diferent story, she looks so sad.

How to tell her he knew ? That he would never stop loving her. How could he  ?

He rather cut his heart out than make her cry. And yet he was the reason she had run away, and now they were out of time, matters that need it his full attention could not be put away any longer. She had had her time to interfere and guarantee her sister happiness now it was time to leave and allow the humans to stay in their  realm alone. For good...

He sense her going deep inside herself not sharing anything with him, it made him want to hit something but pushing down his anger, he softly spoke.

"We are expected. As rullers we need to go,it will be fine, you know that, as a sister of the fates, you know I speak the truth..."

Green eyes that once look at him as if the sun rise and set on himself, and now they look at him with such sorrow.

"I know, I came to say goodbye, but then you already knew this. Why did you came to collect me yourself ?..."

"Should I have send one of the guards to bring  back my wife ?"

She could remenbered him they were not married yet but the fact that she felt that way from the moment she had first seen him, spoke diferently. It had taken less than a look and she was his, an exchange of rings were just a formality because the body had already been  from the beginning.


He would have preferred a fight!

Anything to this,she seemed a shell of her former self,and he had made it so.

But the past could not be erased. When she became his wife the next day all would be better,he wished it so,but a dread of fear was present in his heart ;she seem so unreachable !

A small hand came to rest on the side of his face . He looked in her eyes.

She seemed to grow in size, this was the fate that all dread,  for such a small figure she Knew her falue and her power,even His did not come anywere near her own.

That did not scare him,she love him at least she had once.

As the palm of her hand touched his skin she spoke.

"It is time."

He could not leave it alone. He need to know.

"Do you want out ?"

She walked in,closer than before. A breath away from him.

"Do I need to say ?"

He knew the answer and yet it wasn`t because he looked for reansurance.

No, if she want it out as much as it would hurt he would walk away. So yes he need it said in words from the mouth he wanted to kiss so much...

"Yes.You do."

"Is it required a heart to live ? Do I exist without mine ? My heart is yours,I don`t want out."

Her face has no expression of endering love as the words are spoken and yet he had what he had come for,so why did he feel that he had lost something precious ?

"Maybe we can wait ?."

She pulled his face down ,a soft kiss on his lips.

No passion, just a touch really.

"No, there is no point."

With a power only known to herself  she looked around one more time,putting the final touches to the pub, it would remain like this in perfect condition until the next person came in.

She could give that much to Sly as a christmas gift, after all when you are a God what are your powers for  if not for the greater good ?And just like that she fanished.

He looked around, you could see she had loved this place and the fact she had left Cassandra behind centring all the fury from her mother in herself spoke of how much, maybe he could change a few things, maybe he could bring her back...


The End

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