The Pub's Still Here

Rich went to the bar and ordered a draft. " You'd be surprised how dry screaming your head off, makes you," he commented to Sly, who was once again behind the bar.

"Irish Coffee, " was Moon's order, as she took a stool beside Rich. The rest of the rescue posse consisting of McKenzie, Carla, Archi, Kevichella, and Forest went up to the bar and ordered drinks.

The Pub was reasonably quiet, so the sound  of the band at the underground hotel could be faintly heard as it wafted up through the hole in the dance floor. 

Carla looked around. "Cassandra either went home, or she's downstairs," commented. Carla.  "I think I'll check out the Hotel, and see if she's there," she said, as she slid off her stool.

Sly got up too, and walked beside her. "I"ll go with you," he said. "Cassandra might be waiting for me to come back."

With that, he snapped his fingers, and the barmaid took her place behind the bar.

"Oh look," said McKenzie. "A dartboard. I used to be really good at this." He went over to the board, took the three darts out of the tray, and went back to the firing line. The first shot came very close to the bulls eye.

Moonwalker, who had been watching, said that she couldn't hit anything but the ceiling when she was sober. When she was drunk, she couldn't even see the dartboard, so she generally stayed away from the game.

Archi went over to the firing line with McKenzie, and waited her turn.

Kevichella and Forest put on the TV to see if there were any games playing anywhere.

And so it went.

The Wacky Wonders of the Protagonizer Pub still remained.

The End

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