A possible ending.

I barely know how to write this lines  but I shall try to keep it simple and true.

I stumbled on this pub because the story rated "hot" and you know what ?

For once it delivered exactly what it was expected.

A  wacko world where you alone have the power of your "pen" and inforced with a bit of imagination you rulled!!

Oh, the amount of weirdness we submit our defenceless caracteres...

And there was a plot that somehow mix together until what remained is a party of friends who like to spend time in common, doing anything that comes naturally to them... Mayhem...

I guess I  am trying to pass along that I am humble in the fact that this was the first attempt to meddle  with anothers person plot.

And I really enjoyed the task.

I hope this lines will not be the last entrance through  this doors.

I will keep hoping that we will meet again here for another adventure.

So as I was saying this is the begining of the end.....

 And anyone who wishes to take it further,please be our guest.

The End

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