Back to the Pub.

The sorry looking posse trudged through the snow, with McKenzie and Archi in the lead. Archi was on skis and made a path for the rest. McKenzie had the compass, and was directing the way.

Moonwalker and Forrest were behind those two, arguing heatedly about what constitutes humour.

Carla and Sly followed behind them, quietly discussing what to do about Cassandra.

Kevichella was just behind the rest, keeping watch just in case anything was sneaking up on them.

After a bit, they arrived back into town because they could now see the street lights clearly. The plows hadn't been through yet, but you could tell where the street was now that the snow had stopped.


Just before they reached the Lazy Sleuth, they could see a big black cloud above the street, with the head and shoulders of  Rich/Mist hanging out of it. Rich was mid air and screaming his head  off.

The whole group gathered under the cloud and stared up at Rich, who was still struggling.  "Ease up there, Rich," called Sly.  "We're going to get you down." Rich stopped struggling.

Moon shone her flashlight into the cloud that was holding Rich. The others followed suit. The black cloud started to move away.

Rich began to fall, and he turned himself into a mist long enough to reach the ground, then he turned back into Rich again.

Moonwalkker ran over to him, weeping. " I'm sorry, I'm sorry," She cried as she put her hand on his arm. "I sent you out here, and then you were captured by that thing. I'm so sorry."

"It's Okay." He said. You couldn't have known that there was danger for a mist out here.

By this time they had arrived back at the Protagonizer Pub. They all went in.

The place was almost deserted."Where is everybody?"  called sly. He went back to the bar and started wiping beer glasses.

The End

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