Getting Rich

The snow gradually stopped, as the six of them  around the fire  figured out what to do next. Moonwalker was still thumbing through the book.  Archi was  trying to fix her skis, which were half off.  Carla was drinking coffee from a thermos.

AAAAAAAAH!  The scream came from a little further away than the last time. McKenzie was looking at a big brass compass that he carried with him everywhere.  "He's heading back to the pub, he commented.

Moonwalker was peering closely into the book, by the fire. "I think I know what we're dealing with, here." She said.

Sly stopped kicking dirt on the fire , to contain it to one small area. "What is it, then?"  He grumbled, cold, miserable, and wishing he'd stayed home today.

"It's a Mist-Demeanour." She said.                                                Forest groaned. A misdemeanour?" That's not even slightly amusing.

"A Mist - Demenour, Is a huge cloud like creature that doesn't like the way that mist or fog sometimes behaves. Stephen King wrote about a mist that contained horrible monsters."

"I read that story," Said Carla. "What's that got to do with anything.?

"Well, the Mist - Demeanour is trying to swallow up Rich, who is only half mist. The human half doesn't want to be dissipated into the cloud forever. Hence, the screaming. The creature itself is no danger to humans, so it can't swallow up the Rich half."

"So how do we get rid of it?" Said Archi

"The creature doesn't like direct light, so if we can all shine our flashlights on the cloud creature at once, it'll drop Rich and go away." Explained Moon, reading from the book.

"So I guess now we just go get Rich." said McKenzie, grinning. Forest grumbled again. "Oh shut up, Forrest," laughed Moon. "You have no sense of humour."

"Sure I do", said Forrest. "I just don't appreciate bad puns."

The End

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