The Book

Moonwalker handed Archie a thermos of hot coffee, and led her back to the fire.

"How long have you been out there, Archi?' 

"I'm not sure, a couple of hours, maybe."

You shouldn't have come out in this mess alone, especially with God only knows what evil on the loose."

"I didn't come out alone. I had the Duchy and Marquis with me, but they chickened out and hid inside the book."

"You brought the book?" Moon said sharply,  her interest piqued. "May I look at it, Please? I'd like to see if there's any way we could use it to get Rich back. It seems to have any number of interesting powers. Do you know what it can do, Archi?"

Archi handed over the book.  "All I know is that it belongs to Nick Boulton. He left it with my mom for safe keeping.

 When she heard that Nick had been murdered, she sent me to take it to him. The book is supposed to bring back the dead, which it did. Sort of. If you can call that life.

"You said that your two friends went into the book. Can anyone do that?

"I'm not sure. Those two came out of the book, so I think they just went back into it. I don't know if anyone else can jump into it or not.

The End

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