To rescue or not ?

 A rescue mission should be plan to the minimum detail in an ideal world in this one were words created by the views of many our plan consist so far on the well intentions of an old lady(sorry about the old-57 is no that old), a detective and the sinister twin of Cassandra.

It puzzled Carla that Moon had got the right  insigth of what it had been for her growing up.But she would aderehed to it at a more appropiated time there was Rich/Mist to safe.Moon still had that guilt expression on her.Something had hold of one of us out there, so,it was up to us to get him back...

Drawing in the powers she could use without creathing any more problems to the pub writers,she was ready to persue in this new adventure.

"Should we garter any weapons?"Moon asked the dectective.

"I have my gun with me unless somebody else knows how to fire a gun i would not advice any more weapons to be taken with us."

Came the repply as he closed the notebook .Having finished taking the statment from Nick concerning his murder he was know ready to go in the atempt rescue of Rick/Mist.

One thing was strange in this rescue,if the person in trouble was known as mist thus this not imply he could be mist?!! So how was he being held prisoner?!!


It stop any action in the pub; the screams seamed to be nearer....

"If we are doing this we should go know before he gets killed or worse."

Carla looked at Moon and the detective,they were the only ones willing to go out and face the unknown.Taking charge of the rescue team she heads to the door...

Absent to anything around them( still loacked in their embrace), Sly and Cassandra where still  kissing.They did not notice anyone living but a pair of eyes follwed them as they made their way across the pub,they were filled with worry.

Now she may never had the change to say to him how much she cared. She tought as she continued to clean behind the bar.

The backgroung music is faded away as the door closes behind them...


The End

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