Something's out there

Aaaaaaaaaaah!!     The scream all but stopped the Christmas carols.  It was the shriek of agony and evil. You could tell it was coming from two sources. Moon was still standing by the door. It was Rich/Mist, she knew it was. She had sent him out there, and now something had him. Something pure evil. She'd have to rescue him, or she'd never be able to live with herself.  She would need help - a lot of help.  She looked around the pub to see who were the most likely candidates for her rescue posse.  She walked over to Carla, who'd been watching her sister with Sly.  Moon spoke quietly, with her head turned towards Carla, away from the crowd of patrons. "Is there anything else you can do besides build instant walls and doors?" She asked. " I didn't even know I could do that much. Until I needed that ability, I didn't  know I had it."     "So you might have other abilities that you don't know about yet?" Carla nodded. "Part of that scream was from Rich, I'm sure of it. I sent him out there as the mist, and now he's in big trouble. Would you be willing to help me get him back?" Carla looked at Moon, and considered the request. Moonwalker was a middle aged lady, probably old enough to be her mom.  Her own mom had never asked for help with anything. She just yelled all the time. She would really freak if she knew that Carla was actually thinking about using her other world abilities to help out humans!!  "I'm in. Who else can help us, do you think?"  She said with a little smile.  Moonwalker looked around the room, and considered the possibilities.

McKenzie, the Scotland Yard detective was in a booth with poor dead Nick, trying to find out who had actually killed him. Kellen had confessed to planning the murder, but wouldn't say who had done the deed. Nick was no longer a skeleton, he looked like a recently dead body.  He was trying to chug a glass of beer, but it was just dripping down his front.  Carla and Moon walked over to the booth.  "Detective, I wonder if you could help us out with something?"  Moonwalker said.  "I'm listening," said the detective. Nick looked at her and gave her a sickly grin.  She explained the situation, and said that they would have to find Rich before they could help him. That's where the detective came in.  He would know something about tracking down people.  Moonwalker looked around. Who else would be willing to join their little posse to rescue Rich from who knew what?

The End

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