Women !...

Thinking that no woman was worth this must trouble Sly calmly walked  towards Cassandra.

Cassandra was in no mood to be "baby" talked! Seing Sly come in her direction with a expression of I dont really want to deal with this right now.She stoped. And started thinking that maybe she tried to see something where there was nothing.

"Oh my!"She said to herself.There was a sad look in her eyes as Sly reached her side.


He could not understand the look that  has just crossed her face but the fact she did not speak at all was unpresedent.Touching  her arm he tried to make eye contact.

"There is nothing here between us is there?"

All around them the sound of carols was still heard.Time had not stood still for the small drama.No one had paid atenttion  apart from moon,she had a pitty expression in her face.

Sly did not know how to answer such question, for him the fact she was a women and found him actractive enough was it.No questions asked.

"Why do women always complicate everything?"No answer would be correct so he just said.

"There is this"

And as the last word left is mouth his lips encounterd hers,this sister he fully kissed and stayed in her embrace.In fact they probably should find a room or a dark corner....

Carla watched the byplay with some amusement ....


The earie sound made itself heard again.

Whoever was playing with them was still out there......

The End

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