Darkness surronded the street in front of both pubs.

Something evil was outside lurking in the shadows.

A single sound is heard in the airie silence.


All of the ones still standing inside froze (except for nick,he was dead),in anticipation for the next sound.

What was out there?!

Cassandra fearful looked for shelter in Sly arms.Moon and Carla who were standing next to the door when the scream was heard, waited in antecipation ....

Shaking her head Carla said.

"This is nonsense.Whatever is out there we created. And unless one of us is an axe murderer there is nothing out there that is going to kill us, not tonight at least."

As a sister of the fates she should know what she was talking about!And with this words she walks out.

Sly not to be left out followed her.Left to fend for themselfs the remaining ocupants of the protagonize pub decided that this was a good time as any to start  singing some christmas carols.

The breeze twirled the leeves on the pavment. An empty cup on the side walk made its way to the Lazy Sleuth.

Not a soul on the street apart from Sly and Carla.

"This is not rigth.Something feels out of sink."

Expecting something to come out of the darkness and justify  the scream she looked around.Nothing.

"We should go back in.Whatever  that was is long gone."

He did not liked the sensation he was picking up either.Carla was wright on this one something evil was out here.

"Lets go."

Grabing her arm he pulled her in the direction of the pub.


Looking at each other they shared  the same  tought.

Somebody was playing them.But who?

"We should go inside."

Opening the door he let her enter first.Inside christmas carols were being sang.The pub now had a festive decoration all green and red.In every table a centre piece of flowers stood out. And just above where Sly and Carla stood there was misteltoe.

"Well tradition is tradition."

Touching his lips to her Sly kissed Carla.

He had ringing in his hears either from the scream Cassandra had made when she saw the kiss or from the slap Carla had given him.  "Women."

A furious Cassandra made her way across the pub.

"That is what I get for getting involve with this two in the first place." Shaking is head(what was a bad idea -he still heard ringing),he goes to Cassandra.

"Oh hell."

The End

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