Hail, hail, the gang's all here

Moonwalker rummaged around under her library table until she found her shoes, and put them on. " Well, I guess I should be getting home. It was nice meeting you, Carla." Carla rose from her chair and put her hand briefly on Moon's arm. " Uhh, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't tell anybody what you just saw." She said. " Are you kidding? Who would believe me any way?"  Carla smiled in relief, as Moonwalker started towards the door.  All the while that they were chatting in the quiet library,  there had been an undercurrent of sound coming from the vicinity of the new door going outside. Neither one had noticed it before, but as Moon approached it, the sound became really loud. She hesitated for a moment to try to interpret what was happening on the other side.The wind was  whistling and hammering at the door, rattling it in it's hinges. "What is going on, out there?"  she wondered.  "Carla went to the door, and they both pulled it open a bit.  They were pelted with huge frozen hail the size of golf balls.  It took the strength of both of them pushing as hard as they could to get it closed again.

"I think you'll have to open a door to the pub from in here , after all," Moon said. Carla walked to the far corner of the library, and clapped her hands twice.  A small unobtrusive door appeared.  She went through it, and Moon followed her back to the pub.  An amazing thing had happened while they were gone. The snake dancers had finally stopped and sat down wherever they could find an unbroken chair or booth. The ones who weren't sitting, or lying on the floor, were more or less piled up by the door.  Carla went over to her sister, who was leaning against the wall . Sly and a group of men were trying to push the door closed.  There was a fair sized pile of snow, ice and hail on the floor.  Moon walked over to Rich, who had gone to get a mop and pail to clean up the mess.  " "Hey Rich, can you turn back into a mist, or are you solid for good now?"  Rich put the pail down. "Why? Do you object to me being solid?" he said belligerently. "Not at all, I just thought that if you still had that ability, it would be a pretty convenient way of finding out what's going on outside without anybody getting buried alive." Rich started shoveling ice and hail into the pail with an abandoned beer pitcher.

" I suppose I could do that. Some fresh air might help get rid of this gawdawful hangover." He muttered. He looked at the full pail of ice and snow, and at the still large pile on the floor. " I guess I could just take this mess with me, he said. "It would just clog up all the toilets, anyway. "  With that, Rich suddenly became a swirling whirlwind of ice and snow. He went to the door , made it open a crack, and swirled out into the darkness.

The End

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