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Moonwalker came up the stairs from the Hotel California, where she'd been up on stage singing with Elvis, and a few other dead rock stars. She was dog tired and a little hoarse. She thought she'd just just go home and do a little light reading to relax. She stopped for a moment to watch poor dead Nick spinning on his head. He was spinning so fast that his arm and leg bones were making a rattling music all their own. It was disturbing to watch on sooo many levels!  The music changed, and Nick started to do the Twist. She skirted way around him because he had started towards her.  Doing the Peppermint Twist with a skeleton would be a novelty, but it would get old pretty fast. She was going to scoot along the far wall and out the door.  The only problem with that was that the far wall was now a library???   Bewildered, she  cautiously walked in. It looked solid enough, with tables , reading carrels, aisles of books,  computers - the whole 9 yards.  She hoped that whoever had dreamed this place up didn't change their mind while she was in it. There was a desk up front, but there was no one sitting at it.  She started towards a table off to the right where a young woman was reading. She glanced up as Moon approached her.  "Cassandra?" she asked.  "No," The girl said, "but Cassandra is my sister. My Name is Carla."  Moon extended her hand. "I'm Moonwalker. Are you identical twins?" Carla nodded as they shook hands. "I'm seven minutes older, so I've always considered her to be my "little" sister.  Also, she can be pretty immature sometimes. "  Moon leaned against the table a little for support. She really was tired. Carla indicated a chair for Moonwalker to join her at the table. " I saw you talking to Cassie a little while ago ," Carla said."  Moon sat down and kicked off her shoes. They were beginning to ache. "We were talking about Sly. I think she might be interested in him. "   Carla sat back and folded her arms. "What do you think of him, Moonwalker?" she asked. "He seems nice enough, he's always been polite to me, but there's something kind of strange about him. He keeps changing. He can be chatty and kind of flirty one minute, and aloof the next. not only that, but he changes physically, too. Sometimes he has a beard, sometimes not. Once he was a woman. Either that, or he has a really ugly sister. He's an excellent dancer though."

As the ladies were chatting, the music had become wild and rhythmic. Suddenly, the patrons had all joined hands and started to dance all around the floor, going up and over tables, on the bar and down again, around the room past the "library", and down the stairs. From the noise  they could tell that the long line of dancers had headed down the tunnel. Moon had watched all this with a fond smile, reminiscing. Carla had watched it with her mouth open, astounded. "I'm guessing you've never seen a snake dance before, " Moon commented. Carla shook her head."When I was a teenager, on Halloween night, all the teenagers in my town would gather at the high school, join hands and do a snake dance down the main street . We would go up and over cars, winding back and forth for about 2 miles to the far end of town to the Armouries for a big dance with a live band.The Armouries was were the local cadets were trained, and it was opened each Halloween to keep the kids out of trouble. It was a lot of fun." 

Just then, they heard the snake dancers coming back up the stairs. They must have stopped at the hotel for drinks, because they were really loud and distructive. They knocked over the brass rails and velvet ropes at the head of the stairs. They knocked over tables and chairs. They headed right toward the place where Moon and Carla were sitting. Alarmed, Moon started poking around under the table to find her shoes. Carla leaned forward,  and stared intently at the dancers. She put her arms out and clapped sharply, twice. Suddenly there was a solid brick wall between the library and the dancers. "WOW", gasped Moonwalker. "How cool is it that you can do that!  Uhh.. how are we going to get out?" Carla clapped twice again, and there was a nicely carved door off to the right. "How will we get back in the pub?" Moon asked. "we'll have to go outside and back in the door of the pub." Carla told her  " If I put a door directly into the pub, the dancers will have this place trashed in two minutes flat." Moon nodded her approval. "Good thinking, Carla," She said.

The End

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