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In the realm of dreams the one left behind had a tought decisison to make and a must need it time on her own.

She worried about Cassandra as well.A thought crossed her mind and a feeling wellbeing come upon her.


In preparation for her trip she took only one thing with her.

A book.


Back in the pub Cassandra was still adapting to this normal life.

Sly was busy working in the pub,but she on the other hand had too much free time on her hands.

Moon was keeping her company while Sly was otherwise busy.

Really it was as if they consider a suicide risk!

In a split of  a second Cassandra felt her sisters arrival.

And her face brook in a happy grin.

Carla was here.She had been concern of what happen after she had left home,but if she saw fit to pay a visit hopefully all had end it well!

How strange it was to look in the eyes  of a mirror ?

Especially when that mirror is so much diferent from you.Both sisters had very strong personallities that had never made them argue amonst themselfs.

In fact what made them better friends whas the fact they where so alike and yet so diferent.



Moon stood there with her mouth open thinking that she was seeing double  or maybe had too much too drink last night !

But when she saw them embrace,she realise they where two of them.Twins!

Cassandra was a twin ?

"How are you ?"

"Fine.I just need to find what to do from now on as a job or anything to keep me busy.You ?"

Her face showed she was a bit amazed that she had been granted some time alone to come and pay a visist to a sister that had been banish in such terms!

"Everything is fine.Mother sends her love."

And that alone put a very big smile on Cass face.

Then all room seem to burst into giggles when the two sisters laugh openly at Carla joke.

The music box started to play a tune for them and Cass eyebrow lift a notch.

"Did you ?"

"It seemed appropiate."Came the soft repply.

"Where is this man of yours ?"

"Not mine,just a friend.Come,I shall introduce you two."

She left the table with Carla and walk to the bar,where Sly was busy restocking.

"Sly ?"

He put the last bottle on the shelve before answering her.

"One second,Cass.Almost done."

And he turned and he had quite the surprise.

"There are two of you ?"

"Remenber when I talked about my sisters,well one them at least back in the island?This is her.Her name is Carla."And looking at her sister she said.

"This is Sly .My new friend."

And whatched how both screen each other to look for any weakness.Bless them!

"So,are you older or younger ?"

"The oldest.Are you just a friend or something more ?"

And just like that Sly knew if he did anything to harm Cass he would have to answer to this one,that was after Cass finish with him!

"We are friends.Can I ofer you anything to drink ?"

He was trying to be polite,so she return in kindness.


"We don`t have ...."He didn`t have time to finish the sentence before the smell of fresh boiled coffee filled the air.

"I guess we do.Let me pour you a cup.Sugar ?Milk?"

"Yes,and two please.I shall have it in the library,if you don`t mind."

And she walked to the back of the pub where a new feature had appear.Cassandra followed her and Sly aldough busy pouring coffee remenber his last thoughts at the last entrance of his post.

That for sure something unusual would happen.It always did.

Cass was in front of the desk that had no one behind it.

"Your new job,I guess."

And she waited for the reaction.

"You created this for me ?"

Her hands where already busy touching the wood that made the desk and she saw herself behind it without even thinking how she got there in the first place.Her face was one of delight.She did love books.

"Yes.I thought you would love something like this.I was right.Thank you, Sly."And She accepted the coffee cup.

His face was slightly surprise but when he saw the pleasure on Cass`s face,he smiled.

Carla stood there enjoying a good cup of coffee before she made her way into the shelves.She was looking for one book.

Her hand rested on the cover and she felt the comfort that the words would bring her.

"Acheron."By Sherrylin Kennyon.

She removed the book and went to the corner of the library and sat on the confortable chair.

A most need it rest.For now...

The End

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