Getting a head

The severed head disappeared in the amended chapter, but it wasn't really gone. As a  fanatic fan of Stephen king,  Moonwalker loved all things weird and ghoulish, so she had hid it  under her big wide brimmed hat. After the dueling authors had left, she picked it up and took a good look at it. "Hey. This thing isn't even real. What a rip off! ' she cried. Looking it over thoroughly, she decided It was approximately the same size and shape as a soccer ball. (football, to you folk from across the pond). " Hmmm the hair will have to go,"  she thought.  She gave  the red hair a  terrific yank, and it all came off in her hands. The head looked  like a  huge flesh coloured billiard ball with a face.

She dropped it on the floor and gave it a good swift kick. It went straight up, hit the chandelier, bounced off and hit Nick, who was sitting on a stool at the bar. The soccer head knocked off Nick's head in passing, and sailed straight between the brass posts at the top of the stairs going down into the hole. Moon jumped up from her chair  waving her arms in the air, yelling "She shoots . She scores!" The soccer head went down the stairs, and straight through the ghost of Elvis as he was coming up the stairs. "Thank You, thank you very much," he grins.

The End

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