I don`t think so Kevinchella...

A window of 2 seconds is not not necessarily a compliment.

As a first attempt to human relations,it had a lot to be desire for.

Cassandra,reflected on her choices,left alone on the dance floor after Sly abrupt departure.

"Maybe with a diferent person?"

The trouble was she could not see herself being so bold with anyone else.

Meanwhile,in the mens toilet a dance contest is finish.And a  sober moonwalker declares the winner.

A determine purpose brings him back,his steps leading to Cassandra.

"Do not pay attention to kevinchella,he enjoys creating avoac amongs the plot line when not easily entertained."

There was an almost rutless way about how he talked that made her stop and listen carefully.

"You know  me well enough to see beyond the obvious!I would not be the man you think me to be,if i would behave in such a crass manner.Think Cass,think."

"What is wrong with this lines?There is always a purpose to every plot."

Looking less than amused by the latest events,she left herself be touched by Sly.

Sincerity showing in his eyes,as he touches face to face.

"What is wrong with this place?You invite people to participate and along comes this crazy chick,who starts to write like she is in a blody novel!Next thing you know you will see a bunch of kids running around..."

I need a drink.

Kevinchella disgusted with all the romance in the air turns to the bar.

A  smooth melodie fills the smoky pub inducing perhaps the dance that followed.

With her arms around his neck(such a nice neck),they barely moved.

"If and when we....Can we make it more than just a few seconds?"

There is laughter and a promise of something more in his eyes has he answer .

"I  think it can be arranged."

The music plays on ....

The End

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