Back in the pub...

Having removed Nick from the closet Sly could not wait to put him down(the guy was heavy).

Droping him on the stool near the bar,he sudenly realised he had a visitor.

Feeling the strain of the last couple of days,as well the one in his leg.Sly lets his body rest on one of the other stools near Nick`s body.


He hadn`t seen her since she had said to him her news about being a god.He had seen her yesterday.

It seemed like it had been longer than that.

"I had to come. You are here."

And she waited for any sign he was happy to see her again.

Sly open his arms as he said mainly to himself.

"What am I going to do with you ?"

She rushed into his arms and stayed there.

Home away from home...


In the realm of dreams one person sees into this scene of tenderness.

Her face is a mask of hatred. 

The End

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