The door crashed open, and the man who was strolling in turned to the sound and cried "Oops, sorry! I didn't expect it to whip open like that!"

"Yeah, i think it's hollow or something," Kevichella replied, only briefly glancing up at the newcomer from his vantage point by the bar. "Bar-Jeeves, can you get...." he stopped mid order and his eyes rose even as they were widening in fear.
"No.. how did you...?" he began, but stopped speaking as he saw the blur of a man charging towards him. He stumbled from his stool, partly from the alcohol sloshing around inside him, but mainly from the terror which now gripped him like a vice.

"You're mine," the stranger said almost casually as he flew through the air towards his frozen target.

Sly, who was emerging from the hole in the floor, carrying Nick like an ironing board, was greeted with the sight of a flying-body-press straight from when WWF meant wild wrestling moves as well as wildlife. "Shhhhhhiiiiiiiiii..." he began, but a severe banging from above silenced him."Lah-dee-dah!" he corrected himself.

The contact was punishing, knocking the wind out of both of them, and as they fell to the floor in a heap, the narrator suddenly realises that his pieces of the story always seem to contain some sort of "battle to the death".
Oh hang on, one of them is getting his breath back.
It's the stranger.

"C...curse...you, P..Peel," Kevichella wheezed, getting slowly to his feet. To the gathering crowd's (well... Sly, (who was only watching because he had to cross through their path to get to the bar) and Mist (who realised that mindless violence was just the ticket to shifting the blues)) astonishment, he reached down and pulled his attacker to his feet before patting him on the back and proclaiming "Wasn't the flying-body-press a bit over the top?"
"Well, I had to do something after you karate-kid-kicked me off of that bridge last time... did you see me fending off that shark with my shoe?"
"Ha, yeah, good times," Kevichella replied, wiping a tear of laughter from his eye. Or was it blood? "Well, go on then.. you're 10 minute count starts now... be seeing you soon."
"Yeah right," Peel scoffed, "cya later." With that, he strolled out of the door, once again apologising as it crashed and shook the room.

As the door swung shut, Kevichella looked over at where Sly was and shrugged. "Don't worry, i'll get him when he drives past later on," he said, nodding, before returning to the bar and asking Bar-Jeeves for an Amaretto and Coke, served with a bandage.

The End

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