The story continues

Missy the cleaner was just closing up the Lazy Sleuth for the night when the phone rang. When she went to answer it, she heard the door open. "Hello?' she said into the phone, as she watched a young girl come into the bar. The girl was almost transparent, and she had been crying. Missy only heard static on the phone, so she hung it up. "What/" said Missy, puzzled. " Oh, I made it ring" said Cassandra. I saw through the window that you were leaving, and I needed to talk to you. "I've got to get home to my kids," Missy said. "Do you know where I can find Sly, the bartender from the other bar? He's not at the Protag Pub. I checked."  Missy walked to the door, sort of shooing Cassandra in front of her as she went. " I don't know. He's a new customer. I don't know anything about him. He didn't leave too long ago. Maybe he's back at that other bar by now." Missy gently pushed Cassandra in front of her through the door. Missy turned around and locked the door. " Sorry miss, but I really do have to go."  With that, Missy walked to the curb and hailed a taxi, because it was still raining. Cassandra went back to the Protag Pub and went up to the bar. "Do you know where Sly the bartender is?" She asked a buxom blond German girl who was serving behind the bar. "Which one?" the blond asked. Confused, Cassandra said " the only one I know is the one that was just in the Lazy Sleuth down the street. "Oh, that one," said the blond. " He just went downstairs,' and she indicated a big hole in the floor with velvet ropes around it, and guard rails on a set of stairs . Cassandra went over to the hole and went down the stairs. She walked past two graves and down a tunnel which was now well lit, and tile flooring had been put down. She went into the Hotel California and through the crowd of dancers to the bar. Moonwalker was sitting on a stool having a steaming cup of Irish coffee, and watched Cassandra come in.  "Do you know where Sly is?' she asked Moon. "I think he's over there trying to get poor dead Nick out of the broom closet. Some drunk  sadist shoved him into the closet, and Nick is not a good fit. His bones keep getting stuck in the broom handle, and he's up to his boney  knees in the mop pail." "Oh, Thanks" said Cassandra, and started out to find Sly, whom she realized that she just could not live without.

The End

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