A wild ride

She had taken him to a place she loved.

An island  in the middle of the Atlantic with the name of Madeira.

She loved this small island where time stood before and she was once again herself.

When in need of some necessary solitude here is where she hide.

This was her " Pub".And she wanted to share part of herself with him...

"Where are we ?"

Sly inquired more to have something to say than to really know the answer.He was still realling himself from the fact she was not human!

For humans did not pocess the powers to telleport at a whim.She apparently did!

"We are in an island that once was thought to be Attlantis itself but that is nonsense.We are in my Pub."

And she grinned.

"Who are you ?No lies or half truths."

He waited and tried to prepare himself for what she was about to say.

"A god."

"A god?Are you insane ?"

"No.A sister of the fates to be precise."

And she calmly folded her arms in front of her chest. 

"You are a sister of the fates ?What is that ?"

He had a feeling he didn`t want to know the answer and yet he had asked anyway.She seemed to glow.

"I and another two are part of the a triade that tells the future,but in reality only one of us has that power the other two are there to increase it.I can`t change the future,she can."

And just like that she became real to him.

"Are you taking us back to the pub any time soon ?"

"I thought that if you wanted I could show you home ?"

There was an almost child whish in her request.

"Ok.Show me."

And his hand found hers.

"Ok.I will.Do you want to walk or shall I do it my way ?"

The mischieve was back.

"Walking will do just fine.Woman."

And he patted her in the bum.

The End

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