Cass is back for good ?

From the previous chapter we see Sly and C interacting in another set on the pub.As it is now.

I am taking one of them back into my side of the story so if you will please take a seat.

I shall start now.


In the bedroom Sly put Cass down in his bed.

She was so small and yet you didn`t get the feeling she was frail or weak in any way.Not even now.

"Your bedroom I presume ?" She said her voice starting to resemble her former self.

"Yes.Why are you  in any way afraid ?"

And he smiled.

"Of you ? Should I ?"


She was half laying on the bed half raised to stand up and go.

"Are you going to tell where did you came from.And why you keep flashing yourself in and out of here ?Who are you ?"

He stood before her and she couldn`t stop thinking what a waste of a good bed!

"Do you want to really know?"

She had got out of the bed by now.Her powers slowly coming back to normal.She felt almost normal again.

"Yes.I do.Tell me."

"I will show you instead."


But by then she had taken them out of this story.

Yes.Cass was back and she had a plan ...

The End

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