Barmen Always Listen.....

The Mist pushed open the saloon doors and strode into the Protag Pub, he pushed his way past Bella and Sly, who were drinking cocktails, slid past the Newcomer, Konstantine and Forrest who were attempting to balance a stack of pint glasses on the Nick’s head, who was passed out at their feet.  Forcing himself through the rest of the crowd, The Mist pulled up a barstool and waited for the barmaid,

“Oh come ON!” he snapped to no-one in particular as the maid ignored him to chat up Seldom, “Right, sod this”, and in an instant, a brand new barman appeared,

“Terribly sorry, sir, have you been waiting long?”

“What the hell do you think I created you for?” Mist snapped back,

“I could help but notice you arrived in a slightly different manner than usual, sir, anything wrong?”

The Mist just stared through the barman, middle distancing to the events of that very night, then finally,

“You know what I hate?” he asked the barman,

“Unbelievably rude stuck up under age children?”

 “Well................yes, but you knew what I was going to say”

“Mark of a good barman, sir”

“Call me Rich, okay”

“Very well, sir”

“Anyway, there was a sweet sixteen, MTV, birthday party at a bar near my pub, stupid little brat whose birthday it was didn’t actually tell anyone over eighteen that they would not be serving alcohol, so, seeing as my pub was the only open, guess where they all went?”

“I take it that was rhetorical, sir?”

“Yes, and yes they came to me, I’ve collected over forty fake proof of age cards, barred over twenty people, and had about ten, stuck up sixteen year olds think they can take me, and try........well, they won’t do it again”,

“I do hope sir didn’t hurt them?”

“No, reasonable force, that’s all I’m allowed to use, you know, they can bottle me, but I can only bend their arms back and kick them out, nice”

“Has sir considered a new line of work?”

“No, I sit on this laptop all my spare time, just to exhaust myself”

“Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, sir”

“Yeah, but it’s fun, anyway, I’ll have a coffee please, milk no sugar”

“Very well, sir”

The Barman left The Mist sitting on his barstool, staring out at the faces of the other Protagers and their assorted creations, he had to wonder where their characters all came from, such an array of imagination and style.

“Your coffee , sir, would you care for a biscuit?”

“Na, I’m good thanks, although if you have a cigarette I wouldn’t say no”

“Terribly sorry sir, I do not smoke, now you must excuse me, others appear to be waiting and the maid has disappeared with Master Seldom somewhere”

The barman walked down the bar to serve Anastasia.

The Mist sipped his coffee, hoping that someone would come take his mind off everything, if only for a minute.

The End

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