Anastasia and Rose Collaborate

by RedheadRose and AnastasiaJ

'Wait, hang on a second,' real-life Anastasia interjected, her brow creasing in confusion. 'I'm lost in the story now. Rose help me out here.'

'What do you mean?'

'Well I live 2 minutes away from you. Why don't we just meet up and write a chapter together?'

'Sure, why not,' the fictional Rose shrugged, whipping out a notebook and a pen. 'So... what's happening then? Let's jot down some ideas.'

'Well, Duchey and DVR have appeared now. Are they the owners or not?'

'Yeah, OK.' Rose scribbled down 'Duchey, DVR, owners' after her first bullet point.

'And that guy that knows you somehow. Who is he?' Anastasia yoinked the pen out of Rose's hand. The redhead's mouth formed an  'o' of indignation at finding her hand empty, as Anastasia wrote on the next line 'Creepy muscly dude... Rose's hubby?'.

'Wait, hold on,' Sly interrupted, half falling off his crutches onto the sofa between the girls and sloshing a bit of his drink onto Rose's skirt. 'Oops, sorry.' Rose jumped slightly and began swiping at the small dark patch, tutting to herself.

'Will that stain?' she muttered.

Sly shrugged, uninterested. 'Anyway, if I'm not  mistaken you're trying to get a storyline in.'

'Well...' Anastasia began, looking slightly abashed. 'Look what happens when there is no storyline. Everything's a complete wreck.'

'Hey, Anastasia! You've practically written that whole thing!' Rose complained from the other side of her bedroom, glaring at Anastasia who was typing furiously at her friend's computer.

'Well it's not my fault!' she defended. 'You're the one trying on dresses. If you wanted to write some of the chapter you should have come and got the keyboard off me!'

'Oh, don't worry about it,' she dismissed. 'We've got to go anyway.'

'I'm sure this doesn't make any sense,' Anastasia chuckled, clicking 'Publish'. It's turning into a blog of some sort. I'd like to see what the next writer makes of this!!'

The End

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