Playground of Gods

In this place where she had been born the wind didn`t blow.Today she changed that.

Her anger was real and heart felt.Her sorrow was everywhere and the sky raged in storms Cass was unhappy and she couldn`t care less who knew about it.

In fact she was waiting for one person.

Her mother !

Her presence was instantly felt.In her beautiful face one could see how she had given birth to such beautiful daughters but when you looked into her eyes there was evil there.

"Cassandra,stop this vulgar display of emotions right now child."

Her voice was not above normal,the words altough spoken in a stern way carried no real sign of emotion.She was after all mother of the three fates.

She knew Cassandra well enough to know she would abide by her orders.

But her youngest daughter`s reaction surprise even her.


And she unleashed all her anger on the culprit of her sadness.

To attack another God was unheard of and not only she attacked another God,she had done it to her own mother.

Her sister felt her decision before she had send the first bolt of energy out of herself and with her own decision made she intervened and her fate was also changed.

Three women stood before each other.

Two mirrors of her own flesh and she knew both hated her.

But what Cass had done was punished by death or banishment.

That her sister had taken the full blunt of her powers into herself was also unheard of,but then Carla had always been her own woman.

This one she knew she would never control or even maim.And that was what made her bitter.

"Carla,why ?"

"You know why.All will be fine."

"You can`t take my punishment for me.I shall not allow it."

Face to face they seemed equal in body as well as powers but Cass and Carla knew better than that.

As the eldest of the sisters of fate,Carla alone could decide over her destiny and of others,combined with Cass she increased her powers but Cass was powerful in her own way,she could change the future slightly,she never choose to;tough.

With doing that came great responsability and a price to pay.

And by absorving the energy bolt into her she had change the future of them three.She already knew what the outcame would be.And she gladly paid the price it would give Cass a chance of freedoom she craved so much...

"She needs to go.Know before the others arrive.For ever."

Cass heard the words but she didn`t turn to see the face of the one who had sired her.She looked into green eyes the same as her own and she read the truth there.

"Go.Be happy."

And without any remorse she flashed  Cass for the last time from the realm of dreams.And by doing so she remove from Cass the capacity of coming here.

She then face her mother.Her face was unforgiven and where Cass was all anger and fury Carla was cold and calm.

"Did you tell father about any of this ?"

Her mother seemed to have forgothen who she was adressing for she knew well enough that she hadn`t in fact when her father heard of this heads would  roll.Maybe even her mother`s...

"You need to help me.I am your mother."

"Live them alone and all their descends and i will."

"What ?You think to barggen  with me ?Are you fullish,my daughter ?"

The face that had created life seemed to want to be the one that wanted to terminate life.Carla didn`t falter or evade her stare.

"You will leave her alone and Sly and all that came after them for all eternity.Mother."

The last word was said as a sign of mockery as well as I am aware you are fightin a lost battle here yield and i shall not humiliate you any more!

She knew Carla was right after all she was one of the sisters of fate what she said came to pass and only her could change the future.

"You have my word.Now help me."

She would never change and it was with some sadness that she ackowledge her mother`s request with a head nod and her wish was granted.Immediatly she was summoned to the presence of

the ruller of them all.Her father...


In the realm of humans one person was left in the pub.

In the center of them all one person was dropped unconscious into this story.

Screams where heard and one of them made his way to her.

"Cass ?Honey,wake up."

Sly lift her  from the woden floor and rested her face on his lap.

Her eyes slowly open.

"Sly ?" Her voice was unnaturally weak.

"I need to go back." She tried to flash herself from the pub but her powers where block.Dam her sister !

"You have to go where ?You just got here ?Unconcious may I remenber you."

She stop still.Carla had send her back here ?

A dreed feeling surrounded her heart and cold descend upon her.Something was very wrong.

"Come.I shall take you up and make sure you are looked after."

He lift her up and they all stood aside to let him pass.

She was back...

The End

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