Choices and a new site to the pub is created

In another realm not known to humans two sisters talk and fate changes yet again.


"Cass ?Please,don`t do this.I can help.Let me help you."

The same face as hers turns around and stopped breathing as if the act itself was too painful to bear.

"You are aware she won`t stop until she hurts him.I need to do this.For me as well as for him.I love you, my sister."

And with a kiss on the same face as her own,she vanished from this world and flashed herself into the place she consider home for a little while.

She came to say her farwells...

To see Sly one more time...

She let her hand rest on the framed door and let the wood speak to her.The soul of this  place that was so much of its owner...

She smiled but it didn`t reach her eyes.She entered the pub.


It had been so far a slow day but that was about to change he could sense in his bones something not necessarily good or bad was about to happen.

And then he turned and saw her standing there at the entrance and his steps naturally took him to her.


"Cass.What`s wrong ?"

Her face was so closed and there was none of the mischief he had come to associate to her presence.She seemed almost sad.From her came waves of sorrow and goodbyes.But he stopped thinking in those lines.It was not like she was a witch or in anyway magical,she couldn`t release sorrow or any other feelings into the air!

Could she ?

He wasn`t aware of what she was capable to do,but to keep this place intact and safe she had to stop coming here.

With a mere thought she waved safeguards around the pub and all its writers.She would made sure her mother played none of her games in the realm of humans!

"Nothing is wrong.Everything is just as it should be."

She let him aproach her until they where so close they could touch if they so chose.They didn`t.

Time stood still.One of many talents known to the sisters of fate,and she made sure she memorised all aspects of his face.

His strength as well of his kindness,she would miss him.

"Nothing ?!Be real,I can feel your pain as clear as if you where shouting it out loud.Let me in.Let me help."

His arms surround her petite frame and Cass remenbered what her sister had tried to say to her this morning.That if she allowed him,he would stand beside her.For her.By her.

If she allowed him.She was unwilling to risk his safety.

"I can`t .I am sorry."

Her hand touch his face and her eyes never left his until she whished herself away.


Sly stood in the entrance of the place he had written as a beginning to many adventures in his life,but in his gut he felt like part of his life had just been erased from his own.

He didn`t like the feeling one bit.

The pub resumed its normal life and when he looked around all the usuals where back where he had last seen them.It was as if she had never been there...

A strange feeling made him look into the bar area and his face opened up in a smile.

She had been there all right in fact she left something behind of her.Of them.

He was looking into a picture an almost real life size picture of him and Cass- smiling into each other in the center of the pub.

His heart pumping again he returned  to his work,he had faith she would make her way to him someday...


The End

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