Guess who's back

'Shall we go upstairs?' Rose suggested to the ladies with a resigned sigh. 'I did think my little frozen rant might help to fix all this ridiculous confusion, but clearly not. I mean, now there's two Kellans?? Before long there'll be several of everyone!!'

'Yeah, good idea, Rose,' Anastasia agreed, secretly just wanting another look at the mysterious Konstantine. 'Let's get out of here.'

The ladies picked their way through the hole in the floor and found themselves back in the original bar, which looked incredibly dingy and dusty now that it was virtually empty.

'We can't have this,' Anastasia tutted, shaking her head and clicking her fingers.

'Ooo,' Archi said, smiling, 'that's much better.' She examined the modern style bar, squidgy sofas around the edges of the room and the pool table in the centre.

'And some decent music,' Anastasia continued. 'I think it's about time Blink 182 got back together.' They appeared in the corner, oblivious expressions on their faces.

'Nice to get rid of that stupid corset,' Bella grumbled as the ladies found themselves in modern cocktail dresses.

'Jeez, why does everyone keep putting me in heels?' Rose moaned, falling into the nearest sofa and rubbing her feet, a pained expression on her face. 'Anastasia, do you know where my comfy black pumps are....'

But Ansatasia had sidled up to the bar and had slid inconspicuously onto one of the stools, apparently unaware that she was sitting inches away from Konstantine. 'Malibu and Coke please,' she smiled at the new barmaid, playing with her brown curls. 'I see you've got someone else to pour drinks for you, Sly,' she smiled.

'Can't believe I hadn't thought of it sooner,' Sly shook his head. 'Was our newcomer's idea.' He nodded towards the vampire who was now examining Anastasia's neck.

'Oh really?' she giggled, turning back to Konstantine.

His gaze snapped back from her neck to the door as it crashed open (why can't people seem to just open a door normally in this story?).

'ROSE!!!!' the figure in the doorway bellowed. Rose shrieked and leapt of the sofa. 'I knew you were here!!!'

Sly ducked behind the bar as the visitor charged into the room.

The End

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