Me, Myself & Kellan

After an exhausting effort to re-open the hole in the floor, or "gateway" to hotel california, Kellan stumbled in a drunken haze down the tunnel, beer in hand. Burping his way to where everyone gathered, Kellan made to throw up before entering the hotel, but held strong, gulping down whatever bile that had risen in his throat.

Kellan pushed his way through the doors.

"Excuse me everyone who was in the bar upstairs! (burp), but there is some russian vampire-looking vodka-drinking dude up there again. I have no idea why he's there, maybe to look at the new barmaid, who by the way has a great rack! (burp)"

On his way up to the bar, Kellan stumbled and accidentally bumped into Jimi Hendrix.

"woah, excuse me bro" said Kellan, patting Jimi's fro.

Kellan sat down on a stool, almost losing his balance.

"Is it just me? or is this stool wonky?"

He laughed, adjusting himself by holding onto the counter, when all of a sudden, a nausiating tremble rushed through his stomach.

"oh jeez" said Kellan, holding a hand below his mouth, ready to catch whatever falls. "Where's your bathroom?"

The barkeep pointed in a direction which Kellan quickly scrambled to.

As Kellan exited the main room, a familiar face walked through the doors and exclaimed "Can i get a drink here!?"

His face was bloodied and beginning to crust around a recently made bullet hole wound. Kellan walked up towards the bar, but not before bumping into Jimi Hendrix.

"woah, excuse me bro" said Kellan, patting Jimi's fro.

Kellan noticed as he got closer to the bar that everyone in the room was staring at him, he didn't mind, he liked the attention.

"Can i get shot of whiskey with a beer chaser? doesn't matter what kinds" asked Kellan.

"Uh..." said the barkeep "didn't you just go to the bathroom?"

"No? unless the bathroom is outside, but i doubt it is because it did not smell at all"

"Well, someone who looks alot like you, only less bloody, just ran into the bathroom to throw up..." said the barkeep.

"Oh..."said Kellan. "that S.O.B!"

The End

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