Meanwhile, at a small and misty laundromat in a red-bricked building three doors down, two young women and an obese man were watching clothes tumble.

  "I swear, Edna," said one of the women, "I've never known a man go through as many socks as my Jack."

  She sounded proud.

  "Lucky you, Diana," she sneered, watching the white blur of Edna's dryer. Then she looked miserably at the rainbow juggle of her own machine.

  "Now, my Darren; he goes through panties. Who's, I don't know. They ain't mine."

   The fat man burped a miserable mist of beer and sardines and turned to watch his own dryer, where three pistols, a machine gun, and a blue track suit were rotating slowly.

   He checked his watch.

   "Git out, ladies," he said. "Time to fold 'em up."

    "Stow it, mister," spat Edna. "Ain't no man gonna control my damn laundry, too."

    The fat man belched again. He stuck out his tongue to catch  a taste of the expelled vapours. He pointed to a second-tier dryer behind the two women. They turned and saw a red-haired head rotating dreamily in the tumbler, dead eyes wide and surprised.

    "Or do ya wanna give head?" he laughed deeply.

     Hurriedly, Edna and Diana piled their damp clothes into wobbly baskets and scuttled out.

    The fat man yawned, farted, and returned to watching his machine.

    Minutes later, three large men entered, locking the door behind them.

    "All good?" asked the tallest, with explosive stress on the syllables.

    "Nobody here but me and the company head," said the fat man.

    "Good."  His vowels rolled like distant thunder.

    The newcomers gathered in three green plastic chairs by the soap dispensers.

     "Giff me a report," barked  the one wearing a a fur hat.

     "Seems to be working, Konstanine,"  said the tall one, rolling the name off his tongue with ease.

     "Good," smiled Konstantine. He turned to the third man.

     "And you, Wall?"

      Wall of Muscle shrugged.

      "It's good, very good, Konstantine," he said. "The tests are almost complete. These new halluconigens from the lab are great. Our tests next door are working really well."

      The four men laughed in ugly unison.

      Meanwhile, the red-head tumbled silently. Wide-eyed. Unseeing.





The End

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