An attempt to make sense of it all


There was the sound of a scratching record and silence fell over the whole scene. Everyone froze again, except for McKenzie, who sat in the corner sipping his drink, not actually being able to remember a time when he wasn't sipping his drink, with an expression of boredom at the whole cliche "freeze" moment.

"Wait, wait, wait. WHAT is going on now?!" Rose said frowning, turning to Anastasia on her right. She scratched her head in the usual fashion, knitting her brow and thinking back hard over the last 50 chapters of the story. "Since someone introduced the whole “two bars/pub/hotel” thing, it’s got so complicated, I don't know who is where! Not to mention the doubles of Sly and Kellan and ghosts and enchanted books and tunnels and…” She threw her arms in the air in exasperation and her hands slapped back onto the table. “I want to add to the story but I don’t know where to lead it!”

“Look Rose, it doesn’t matter that much. As Sly said, that’s the whole point of the story.” Anastasia reassuringly replied, tapping the table with her fist at each word of the last sentence. Rose wasn’t convinced.

“But---what’s everyone doing now? Are they here, or in the tunnel or in the Hotel California?! Heck, I don’t even know where I am anymore!” She bowed her head sorrowfully and twirled a loose curl of auburn hair. “And seriously, this music they’ve been playing throughout the story has been pretty pants, you’ve got to admit,” she smiled cheekily and was about to put in the smiley emoticon with the tongue out but remembered she was writing in a story, not an instant message. Ah, what the hell. Sly said there were no rules! :P

“Hey, you can’t do that!” Anastasia outraged, shifting slightly away from the outstretched elbow of a frozen random woman seated on her right.

“Well everyone else is doing it, with their discussion of the explanation mark, so why can’t I!” Rose retorted, along with her explanation mark.

“Look Rose,” Anastasia switched to her manner-of-fact tone that Rose hated so much. “Everyone’s probably getting bored with your ranting and think, are you really contributing to the story? You haven’t even mentioned anyone else except yourself so far.”

“Fiiiine. I’ll get on with it then.” Huffily, she clicked her fingers in the typical fashion, unfreezing everyone who was around her. McKenzie looked up, with a slightly less bored look on his face. “Done now are we? That was a bit pointless, wasn’t it!” He signalled with a nod for Sly to refill his drink, who obliged grudgingly.

Why did he have to keep filling up everyone’s drinks all the time!? It wasn’t fair everyone kept taking advantage of him. After all, he was the genius who thought up this story! He groaned inwardly, as he glanced at the big grandfather clock that was sitting in the corner, with its minute hand half an hour away from midnight. Well, he would just have to see what happened when the time came. After all, it hadn’t even been written yet.

McKenzie continued to drawl on… “You just wanted to feature in the story again, didn’t you?”

“And what’s wrong with that! I just thought I would see if anyone else is confused, that’s all,” Rose replied, indignantly.

"Well, If I could write, I would--"

"--Oh come on Rose, that's so lame. You pinched the idea of putting in another story. Already been done!" Anastasia chuckled not unkindly and Rose gave her the evil stare. At that moment, a familiar moan came from the corner and everyone mentioned so far looked towards the source of the sound.

"Well there's Nick, anyway." Anastasia smiled. At that moment, there was a crash, and another band landed a few feet away from where the women were sitting, framed with a random red and gold backdrop. A whole range of instruments struck up immediately and Rose grinned widely.

...."Cos I'm Mr Briiight siiiiide," a familiar eletronic twang rang out throughout whichever pub they were in, and Anastasia jiggled up and down appreciatingly in time with the beat, as the singer reassured himself that it was only a kiss, whilst glancing occasionally at the pale woman with the frizzy white hair who materialised along with them.

"Nice one Rose. That's more like it!"

Sly sighed again, shaking his head. Where was this going?!

The End

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