Cassandra laughs and Sly wishes he would be not so nice and actually hit women(one in particular)...


That voice meant one thingh only.

Sly thought to himself.She was back.

"Alo.Care to introduce yourself ?Or do I need to try and guess ?"

His face was set on not exactly anger as well as resignation.

Cass(that was her name),walked closer to this man.

She stopped close enough for him to notice which colour was her eyes.And then she spoke.

He almost missed her words.He was still looking intendly into the green.

"Cass.My name is Cass."

"What ?"He couldn`t really tell her he hadn`t paid any attention to what she had said.

"Sly ?"And she waved a hand in front of his face.A very small hand.

That seem to distracted him even more.

"Do you want me to come back at a more convenient time ?When you are not so busy ?"

And with a mock smile she pointed at the empty tables.

"Funny !"

He had heard that!

"Did you wanted something ?Or did you just stop to glow and mock ?"

He took a cloth from the back of the bar and started to wipe a clean counter.Anything to stop looking at her!

"Yes.I came to say thank you.For this story.I like it here..."

And she extended her hand and waited.

His face was to say the least confused.

But still a resilient hand came forward and just like that a connection was made.

They stood there.In a empty bar but elsewhere one person was watching and plotting against her...

The End

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