A little something.Something ?

I guess the bartender was rigth.

One with power would change things.

Then again I never did care for fish nettings.

Cassandra walked in this unpexpected surreal bar.

"So."She tought to herself.

"Where is this culprint?Where is Sly ?"

Her eyes looked for a bit on the wonder that was the pub.

"You are looking for trouble."

A voice best described as a mixture of Frank Sinatra and a little of Barry White spoke to her from behind the bar.

He looked like Sly.She would knew this that is if she had seen him before.She hadn`t.

"But I guess by your presence here you can handle trouble.He is sitting at the end tables.You best hurry.Concerning that you are running late and all.."

With some sort of amusing smile just at the corner of her mouth,she walked to Sly.

And before she did,she winked at the voice.

"Thank you ,sugar."

"So.This is where you hide."


Sly knew for sure he had not met this one before.

The display of disregard for the bar was present in everything about her.

From what she dressed,to her posture .To the sassy mouth.

A nice mouth. Who was she?

"Don`t came here often do you?"

"No,I dont Sherlock.I think this will be one time deal.I was intriguide by the plot  and I have to say this side of you as a bartender is  a bonus.Do you have many monologues?"

She really was something! Presente just to ofend.

"So, what do you think?"

"Of the place?Or its owner?"


"Not a bad begining.I worry about the end."


"Well,one can go into a "bar" and participate.I wonder what will make them come as a regular tough?Its ownership would change,and I wonder how would you take that, Sly ?"

"I guess I will have to keep tabs on you."

And with that pun ,she erased herself from this story.

What had just happen.

A baffeld Sly picked  his drink up.

"This one is trouble."

Said the bartender.

"I know."

Came the short repply from himself as a bartender.

He was aware as a laughter resounded in the background of his pub these where not the last words spoken from that sassy mouth of hers...

"What was her name ?"

He didn`t even  remenbered  to ask.

The End

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