Enter the Bear

Like an explosion of suddenness, the door was replaced by a bear of a man, a walking wall of muscle and meanness.  In a voice that sounded like thunder rolling, he yelled, "Rose.  I know you're here.  Show yourself!"

He glared down each set of eyes that were staring at him, settling on Sly's eyes, primarily because  he held his stare and didn't back down.  In hulking steps, he brought the Pub to a standstill and eventually to stunned silence.  He reached over the bar, grabbed Sly by the collar and pulled him off his feet.  "Look little man, where's my little girl Rose and she'd better not be here with that crowd she's been hanging around with?"

Sly gave a glance toward Redhat and Newcomer, assuming them to be among the culprits.  "I am not sure I know a Rose."

"You're lying, pretty boy.  I'll be back.  And I'll be back not in a good mood."

The wall of muscle left as he came.

There was quiet for a while in the Pub, but then the life began rise again, and every soul there began to ask, "What was that about?"  Except of course, two of them who already knew the answer.


The End

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