Enter Clare and Rob (Plus One.)

 ''Don't feel like dancin', dancin',  even if I find somethin' better to do...''   Kevichella sang happily along to the track.

    You're right, there, mate!'' said Bella, slugging Kevichella in the face with her very large handbag, and knocking him sideways across the dance floor.

   Kevichella rubbed his sore temple with one hand, then moved his jaw from side to side, while looking at his erstwhile dance partner with new eyes, complete with hurt expression.

    ''Bella.  Ma bella.  I thought... I thought you liked me.''

    ''Think again, Kevin,''  said Bella, scorn dripping from each syllable.  ''Bella Pleasance likes no-one.  Well, except Jona, and Cat.  And that Joe person, of course.  If you think otherwise, you're mistaken.''

    ''But I... I like you, Bella.  You're beautiful, and... and kind... and you're...  What?  What's so funny?''

     ''I'm neither of those things.  Tasha didn't make me that way.  That's Cat's job.  I hate Cat.''

     The Mist ambled over to them, and put a friendly arm over Kevichella's shoulder.

   ''What's up guys?'' he said, putting his other hand out towards Bella, and withdrawing it quickly when he saw that she was swinging her bag backwards again.  He ducked.  Just in time, as it happened.  Her bag whizzed over his shoulders like a guided missile.  Unfortunately, it was guided towards Kevichella, who was whacked on the other side of his head this time.  His eyes took on a faraway expression, but he held his position, swaying slightly.

     ''Anyway, I thought you liked Cat.  You just said so.''  Bella glared at him. 

   ''I like her.  I hate her.  I adore her.  I despise her.  I envy her.  I pity her.''  She fixed Mist with a steely gaze.  ''I do not like him.'' she hooked one thumb over her shoulder in Kevichella's direction.  ''And I most certainly do not...'' she jabbed her index finger in the Mist's chest, ''...like you.''

     Mist shrugged, and walked back over to Kellan. 

    ''They've just had a lover's tiff, I reckon.'' he whispered.  ''Feisty bird, that Bella.''

    ''Uh - oh!'' said Rose, from a nearby bar-stool.  ''We've got company... again.

    Everyone in the pub turned to look at the door, where a man and a woman had walked in.  The man was tall,  over six feet, but like many big men, he walked with his shoulders stooped.  He was carrying a shopping bag. 

    ''He's a big lad.'' said  Eloosive.  ''Wonder if that bag's full of chocolate.''

     ''The girl looks a bit lost,'' said Rose.  She walked over to her.  ''You okay?  Are you looking for someone?''

     The girl looked at Rose with a dazed expression.

    ''Is Henry here?''  she asked.  ''I woke up with him a couple of days ago, and was just getting used to him.''  She leaned in closer to Rose, and whispered.  ''And then, this morning, I woke up with... him!   She cocked her head in the direction of the tall man.  ''I wouldn't mind... I mean, Rob seems very pleasant. but he keeps...''

     ''What?'' asked Rose.

    The girl pulled her further away from the door, where the man was standing, looking embarrassed.

    ''He keeps talking to his shopping!''

The End

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