No rules

Kevichella closed his eyes, feeling the knowlege wash over him like something extremely wet.
No rules.

His eyes flashed open to see that he had somehow been transported
No rules
back into the main pub. In one hand he noticed was the hand of Bella, who was giggling at him flirtatiously, and in the other was an Amaretto and Coke (no ice).

"Would you care to dance, ma bella?" he crooned, realising he now had the deep booming voice of the man who did voiceovers no film trailers.

Bella didn't reply with words, but led him out into the middle of the dancefloor, her eyes gleaming and her radiant smile lighting up her face (and his heart). He gave her a quick tug and nodded in satisfaction as she spun back in towards him.

He looked into her eyes, and felt himself sinking deeper and deeper, but pulled himself back before he was completely submerged. Oh she was so beautiful. She smiled again as if to say 'I heard that, you big romantic you.'

The lights started to flash, and he realised that they were flashing in time with his rapidly beating heart, and he knew she was thinking the same thing about her heart, when the music kicked in.

Tonight, i'm gonna have myself a real good time, I feel alii-iii-iii-iiiive....

Oh yeah.

Kevichella and Bella sang along with one of the greatest songs of all time with all the effort and gusto of a pair of drunken lovers on a Saturday night in Oceana, and he realised with utter joy that in this rule-less world, he could sing. Bella could too, but he was not surprised. Rules or no rules, someone as beautiful as Bella had to have an amazing voice, otherwise the world would implode in on itself and existence would come to a grinding stuttering halt.

Like a shooting star on my way to mars, on a collision course...

Now they danced, and his Johnny Bravo-esque "Monkey" had never looked so good. She leapt about like a ballet dancer, pirouetting this way, pas-de-bouretting that way, and as he bobbed up and down, his arms outstretched in front of him, sliding up and down like pistons, he thought that he was the luckiest person in the world.

"What is he doing?!" The Mist asked, cocking a thumb at the strange northerner doing a dodgy jerk and slide dance to music that apparently only he could hear.

"And why does he keep whispering 'no rulers'?" Kellan added, sharing puzzled glances with the rest of the group

The End

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