Party Party

The band was just arockin' at the Hotel California, when the room shook violently and the lights dimmed.  Elvis staggered and fell to his knees at the front of the stage, where he'd been belting out a lively rendition of "You ain"t nothin" but a hound dog'"  The  people on the dance floor held on to their partners, or braced themselves for another quake, or whatever it was. "What's going on? " said Moonwalker, who had been sitting at the bar watching the band, which was made up entirely of dead rock stars. "I'll go see," said  The Mist, who had gotten over his fear of being sucked down the tunnel, like before.  He flowed down the tunnel, and into the basement of the origional saloon/bar. He looked around at the plot and sublot with a little chuckle,  because the idea of that particular story construct  amused him. Apparently The Mist is able to see in the pitch dark. He shot up towards the opening that should have been there, but wasn't. As he hit the ceiling,The Mist spread out. Annoyed, he gathered himself into the form of an iron fist, and punched a hole in the ceiling. "What's going on up here?" asked The Mist. "We're watching hockey," said Bucknuck," "and you guys were so noisy and distracting, that we closed the hole." " Well, we're having a party, of course it's noisy," said The Mist, miffed at being closed off. He stared at the TV screen, and the oilers missed a goal. :Hey!" screamed The Bucknuck, jumping off his stool, and spilling his drink. He ran towards The Mist, whose head was poking up through the hole that he had made in the floor. The hole closed abruptly, and the sound of The Mist laughing heartily could be heard fading away back down the tunnel.

The Mist flowed across the floor at the Hotel California, and joined Moonwalker, who was dancing with Kellan. "They're watching the Oilers not beat the Black Hawks," laughed The Mist, who was swirling around the two dancers. "I like the Oilers, said Kellan." I prefer the Ottawa Senators", said Moonwalker. The song ended, and the other dancers drifted towards the trio, to find out what had happened.

The End

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