"Yo, Barkeep.  Can you change the channel on the tube behind the bar.  It is another night and I am not drunk yet and I want to get drunk while I watch the Oilers beat up on the Chicago Blackhawks tonight."

As Sly appeared behind the bar in a poof of white stage smoke, he turned and dutifully changed the channel.  Despite it being Wednesday the Hockey Night in Canada theme came on and had the OLD theme (thank you very much) and the game was on CBC.

"Aren't I supposed to be in the tunnel?" he asked Bucknuck, who shook his head.

"Not on my watch.  You need to be behind the bar and getting everyone a round of drinks every time the oilers score, which will be a LOT.  Oh... that reminds me."  With that he snapped his fingers and in another poof of white smoke Sly was suddenly wearing a jersey and a hat signed by Ethan Moreau again.

"Now that is the height of fashion."said McKenzie with a smirk.  Bucknuck eyed him carefuly with a smirk of his own, not sure whether to defend the bartenders apparel or not.

They heard a heavy thud as a body hit the floor at the edge of the room.   It was the possessed frenchman, who was obvioulsy not levitating anymore.  Bella walked over and just before she put her hand on his shoulder to roll him over, Sly barked "It's a trick, get an axe!"

Bucknuck turned around with a huge grin on his face.  " aw man, lets forget about him... I just wanted to insert quotes from the army of darkness!"  With that the frenchman dissolved into sand (He stole that trick from Sly).   

"What about my friends in the tunnel?" asked Sly.

"They can keep exploring, though i am surprised that TheMist went down there after what nearly happened to him last time.  I really did have too much to drink that night."  He snapped his fingers again and the big hole in the floor sealed up and became scuffed hardwood covered again.

"How will they get out?" asked Bella.  She had taken a stool on the other side of The Bucknuck (that's right, I said "THE" Bucknuck, not just plain old Bucknuck anymore... so watch out).  Becase the narrator had rambled on, Bella felt inclined to repeat herself, saying "How will they get out?"

"They have TheMist with him.  He has a mind almost as powerful as mine, so he will be able to change the floor back to a hole int eh ground.  Let's just hope no one is dancing then."  With that he frowned looking around, and then he snapped his fingers again (just like Arthur Fonzerelli) and the Band appeared.  It was George Thorogood and the Destroyers and they lit into a rousing version of "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer"/  Bucknuck started bobing his head to the music and then turned back to the bar so he could watch the game while listening to the rockin' tunes.

The barkeep was so awesome that when he looked down from the screen there was a chilled glass full of Lucky Lager sitting in front of him invitingly.  He took a long pull on the Amber liquid and as he set it down he exhaled a very satisfied "aaahh".  Good work O'Shea, can you get my friend McKenzie some Southern Comfort."  He turned back to Bella.  "And get my other friend here a Monkey's Lunch."  

"how appropriate." she murmured, before offering The Bucknuck a gracious smile and a nod.

He heard George in the background singing away: "...gonna get drunk man so I can't even speaaak."  The Bucknuck eyed Sly in his Oilers gear, then McKenzie and his Southern Comfort, and then eyed up Bella next to him.   "Life is good." He sighed as he leaned into his beer.



The End

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