"                           ," wrote a contributor in bold, upper-case letters.

"Those aren't in bold," sniffed McKenzie, chewing thoughfully on his pipe stem.

"Nor are they upper-case," noted Ollie.

"Damnit," wrote the author. He went back and deleted it.

"NOW JUST HOLD ON A SEC!" he wrote again.

"Much better," said Sly. The gang murmured in agreement, although there was some discussion about the need for the exclamation mark.

"What is it?" asked Redhat finally.

"It's kind'a downward slash with a dot under it, used to signify an emphatic utterance," answered Dolly.

"I am of the opinion we need an authors' conference here," wrote the contributor. "I mean, firstly we need to establish that we have the necessary prerequisites for a story here. We should also discuss the fictional plausibility and value of leaving one bar and wandering down tunnels to end up at another bar. Thirdly, and most importantly, we......."

"Oh, stop it," barked Archi, who loathed exclamation marks, and never spoke with them.

"Yeah, go delete yourself," agreed Moonwalker.

"But surely you don't want this to get silly," wrote the writer.

"Some writer," sneered Sly sarcastically. "Isn't wrote the writer much like said the sayer?"

"He must be new around here," laughed Archi.

There came a whiny, trembly voice from the edge of the bandstand.

"Sure smells funny down here," said Rufus, who had never been in a story before. He was from the Esso station on Marcil Avenue, and had promised the writer a free car wash if he'd write him in a sentence some day.

"all right." wrote the author impatiently, the poor punctuation showing his exasperation.

"but this is getting silly and i know u have a lot of characters and even a silly plot and that god-awful, puerile sub-plot pun and there have been lots of adjectives and action and even some mystery and stuff but it ISN'T A REAL STORY.

"Ignore him," suggested McKenzie, chewing thoughtfully on the bowl of his pipe.

The small crowd began moving towards the stage, speaking in comic dialogue balloons so that the writer cou....

"Do you take requests?" shouted Mist  to John Belushi.

The writer managed to squeeze some words in.

and        no          story arc,     or foreshadowing             or        denoument                       or        climax

On stage, Jimi Hendrix struck a screaming chord. Elvis sneered. Jim Morrison was fondling Janis Joplin, who moaned.

The End

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