The tunnel

Ollie Brightwell came forward a little so he could see who he was talking to. "You're a brave bunch, " he commented, and headed back down the tunnel.  The group followed after him in single file, or in pairs. The group had grown a bit . Moonwalker came up to Archi. and began to walk with her. Archi looked over at her and said, "why was the book glowing?" "My eyesight sucks, so if I want to get a better look at something, I can make it glow." Archi glanced over  at Moon, who was wearing a pair of round gold and silver spectacles, which were glowing brightly. "Let me guess, said Archi, you misplace your glasses a lot, so they glow so you can find them." "That's true", said Moonwalker, " but in this case, they're helping me see in the dark. Awhile back there was a remark about the book making a person either wise or insane. I wonder which one applies to our trek down this dank, dark smelly hole in the bowels of the earth". "I'm guessing, insane,"  shrugged Archi, " and quickened her pace, because they had fallen behind the others as they were chatting.

As they joined the group, the tunnel became wider, better lit, and only slightly better smelling.  They entered a huge chamber  that had once been lavishly decorated, but now was showing signs of age and wear.  There was a big Golden silk banner above the cherry wood  bar with dripping scarlet letters. The banner read, WELCOME TO THE HOTEL CALIFORNIA.  Over to the  right was a fairly large bandstand with several dead rock stars on it, tuning guitars, swiveling hips, tinkling away on a baby grand piano.  Elvis was there, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Cass Elliot and Janis Joplin. Carl and Dennis Wilson from the Beach Boys were there as well.

The End

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