Into The Dark...

                     The Mist shook his head, “OK so were now in a part saloon part diner party pub with the living dead and a glowing book that may be either Penny from Inspector Gadgets computer book.......or the necronomicon......sure, why not”

Archi walked over to Moonwalker and looked down at the book, “Why is it glowing?”

“Because this is the protag pub and it does whatever we want it to do?”  replied The Mist,

“Yeah but there has to be a reason”

“Don’t ask me, ask Moon, I’m just keeping an eye on that dead Frenchmen, I think he has it in for me” The Mist flew back up to the rafters,

“Well, If we’re ever actually going to take this story far enough for a good coincidence or two, one of us is going to have to go down that tunnel” Sly pointed out,

“Volunteer’s?” Kevichella looked about hopfully, stepping back to put Sly closer to the entrance,

“Oh for god’s sake, I’ll go, anything beats sitting here, waiting for the imaginary dead Frenchmen over there to swallow my soul” and The Mist vaporised and swirled down the tunnel,

Archi took the book for Moon, examining it, “I think we should take this with us, whose coming?”

Nick made to get up,

“I think Nick should stay and guard the French dude” Redhat moved forwards, “I’m always game”

“OK, OK, spose this whole thing was my idea anyway” Sly moved towards the tunnel, followed sheepishly by Kev,

“OK then,” said Archi, turning towards the dark opening and pointing the torch’s beam into the gloom,

“Here we go”

The End

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