The Newcomer

And then, time froze.

"Hmm..." said a voice. "What a peculiar scene we have here."

The bar was packed with a ridiculous variety of characters, the floor was shining with a superficial cleanliness, the walls were like the boundaries of a video game, and the black hole in the floor was threatening to swallow the scene whole.

The observer hummed. "It was a long journey for me to get this far. I have watched every move, every ripple of fabric, every sound wave. And now time has come to an end. I have reached the all famous present with only the edge of the infinite future before me."

The observer materialized as a character. His face was sculpted and chiseled, and yet, it was certainly not the type to be found on a statue. His eyes were deadly yet warm, seeming to notice not only ever move, but every intention.

He sighed. "That description was a little much for this scene. But no matter. Let's get the scene rolling again."

The bar jumped back into life, but there were a few minor changes. For one, the band was now playing an orchestral rock, the floor was a polished wood, and everyone was dressed in casual evening attire.

And there was a section of bare floor, in which there now stood a new character. "Good day," he said.

"Er...welcome," said Bella.

"What can I get you?" asked Sly.

"Your finest green tea, thank you sir."

Sly scoffed a moment before he turned around and noticed the full and bustling kitchen behind him. A chef with a giant head poked his head out of the door with a face-splitting smile made up of two giant red pepper lips. "No need to say a word. His order is on it's way!"

Mckenzie swivelled around on his stool to give the new restaurant an inspecting gaze. "You better not have replaced the bar section of this affair," he said.

The newcomer realized that the detective was talking to him, and he gave a gracious smile. "I just thought you all might be getting hungry. If you order a steak, it'll come with your choice of alcohol."

McKenzie's face lit up, though he tried to hide it. "Say no more," he said gruffly.

The dance floor was still teeming with life, and it seemed like Nick was throwing up a storm. The newcomer had hardly been noticed by the rest of the bustling crowd who were now rippling with the rhythm of the new beat music.

The newcomer sighed. "Now that this is a little more manageable..."

"You talking to yourself?" asked Eloosive. "Or planning something devilish?"

Bucknuck gave the newcomer a careful look. "You look like a thoughtful chap. Make sure you don't go changing things too much. I already saw your smooth move at the start there, stopping time and all to go all descriptive on us."

"I rather prefer a lack of plot, now and again," McKenzie said from across his candlelit dinner. "It makes my job a whole lot easier."

The newcomer smiled again. "Don't worry," he said. "You won't notice a thing. Your dinner has as many courses to it as you would like. And Sly: look the other way. There's a lineup of people ready for you to take their orders."

And then the newcomer disappeared into the crowd.

The End

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