Into the Abyss

"Thasss iT!"  Bucknuk exclaimed as he smacked his hand down on the bar for emphasis.  He turned to his companion at that bar and gestured at the dead Kellan on the floor.  "Mack... ain't you gonna do something 'bout that?!  I thought you were a cop or somefin'"

"I am a British cop from last century, you Wally!  He has a gun, all I have is this lousy billy club."

"But I think killing yourself has to be illegal."  He gestured toward Kellan and his corpse. "Look at that guy, he's beside himself."  With that he let out a guffaw and slapped the bar again.

"Someone should put you in jail for telling those lousy puns, Bucknuck.  That was bloody awful."  Mackenzie was grinning in spite of himself. 

"As long as i can have more beer it's all good."  He grabbed his pint and took another long pull on it, licking the suds out of his moustache with gusto.  "Darn that's a tasty lager."   

"Barkeep!"  He shouted suddenly, which made Sly jump.  "Get that mean lookin' dude a drink.  I wanna stay on his good side if the cops aren't gonna do anything."  He winked at Mackenzie and then slid awkwardly off the stool and shambled toward the group standing all facing the hole in the floor.

The band started up a lively version of Mari-Mac as he ambled over, and he tried to dance a little bit of a Cape Breton jig on his way over but only managed to almost lose his balance.  He walked carefully the rest of the way to the whole in the floor and then he hitched up the front of his Jersey and managed to whip out his member in one fluid motion.  

"Aaahhhh" Bucknuck closed his eyes and let his head tip backward on his neck as a great arch of crystal clear urine poured into the hole.

"HEY!!  What the hell is going on!"  K-Man screamed from below.  The bar erupted into gales of laughter which drowned out the disgusted splutters coming from below.

"Wha - ?"  Bucknuck opened his eyes in alarm, but the stream maintained it's graceful arch into the hole.

TheMist coalesced into his solid form beside Redhat and smiled ruefully as Bucknuck was finishing up.  "Looks like I got out of there just in time."

"It shows what Bucknuck thinks about the graves down there, though."  Redhat chortled.

"I really don't believe 'think' is the word I would use to describe that particular fellow."  TheMist replied. 

"There's one in every crowd." Bella piped up from her position standing idly close the wall.  She had an amused look on her face, which no longer resembled a hag in any way.

Redhat looked over toward Sly, who appeared to be having an argument with himself.  "It's just as well O'Shea is distracted.  I think the redbeard adds a certain entertainment value.  Wouldn't due for him to be tossed out just yet, though I dare say that K-Man might disagree."

As Bucknuck got back to the bar he settled into his stool and tipped his glass toward Sly before taking another slurp.  "that pee-hole is darn convenient, I wonder who thought that up."

Mackenzie was still laughing on his corner stool, and he renewed his mirth while his drink leaked out his nose in a most unflattering way..  His eyes watered as he clapped Bucknuck on the back.  "You will need to buy K-man a few drinks to make up for that one."

"What?"  Bucknuck squinted back at Mackenzie with a bemused expression on his face.  "Whatever you say, old timer, I'll drink with anyone."

He took another drink and then set his glass down and looked up over Mackenzies shoulder toward the figure near the edge of the room.  As he noticed Bella along the wall and his lips curved upward into an expectant smile.  "Hmmm...  now that's a looker."

The End

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