Will the real Killer Kellan please stand up?

The swing doors of the pub slammed open with a jolt. Sitting unperturbed on a chair nearby, the door clubbed Nick across the face, sending him to the floor once again. A dark red carpet unrolled mystically from the doorway and in walked Kellan.

"I could get used to this whole creation thing" said Kellan loudly, announcing his arrival to the patrons of the bar.

Kellan noticed a group of them hunched around a hole on the floor, when they all looked up to see him, flicking their eyes between the newly arrived Kellan, and the slightly drunk Kellan slouched on a stool.

"But...but..."exclaimed Sly, pointing his finger between the two Kellans.

"Yes, I know what you're thinking. See, the Kellan that has been with you all this time has been a copy of me. It was while everyone was busy pointing guns at one another earlier that i created another me. I recall being on the floor after shooting myself in the face with my water gun...thanks for that Sly..., then when none of you noticed, I slipped out the door to go to work, unlike some of you bums.

"So...do you know what has been going on in your absence?" asked McKenzie.

"Unfortunatly not, our brainwaves do not communicate on the same level, but somehow our alcohol intake did, for i had a huge hangover at work this morning, still have it actually..."

" Care for another beer?" asked Sly

"Sure, why not, if i can't get rid of this hangover, might as well continue drinking, it'll be like i never left, speaking of which..."

Kellan walked over the the other Kellan sitting on the stool, pulled out a pistol and shot him.

"There can't be another me in this story now can there? it'll get too confusing..."

The End

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