Sly slapped himself in the forehead. "Not you again." He said in frustration at his mirror image. "Well, I suppose there's only one way to get rid of you completely." He muttered.

"Oh yeah? How're you gonna pull that?" O'Shea said, climbing from the hole he cut out of the floor and brandishing the chainsaw confidently.

"Simple." Sly added.

O'Shea glared at him. "Let's see this simple. I'll carve you into a pretzel before you could even twitch a finger. What're you gonna do?"

"Well, as bugs bunny used to say. 'If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." He said, rushing toward O'Shea.

O'Shea began to scream psychotically as he raised the chainsaw and prepared to dispatch of his rival for good when something strange happened.

Sly leaped, diving beneath the raised arms and plunged directly into O'Sheas chest, melding in to him as if he were made of water.

"What?" O'Shea said, looking at his body in confusion. "What just happened?"

"Looks like you won old chap." McKenzie said from the corner of the bar, sporting an afro and sparkling purple bell bottoms.

"I won.. I WON!" Sly O'Shea yelled excitedly. "Now I'm the only Sly around!"

Except for me.

"Who said that."


Sly looked around, searching for the source of the words.

I'm inside you dumby. Part of you? Get it?

"Oh no." Sly said, disconcertingly . "Do I have to listen to you all the time?"

Well if we cooperate it won't be so bad

"And if we don't?"

Sly's hand came up from his side and slapped himself across the face. "Ow."

Get it?

"No, not quite yet."

His other hand flew down into his crotch.

"Ooogh!" He grunted, doubling over and falling to the floor.

"Jesus Sly what're you doing?" Archi said, coming to his aid as she knelt to his side.

"It's ok." He said, taking her hand as she helped him up. "I get it."

"Get what?" McKenzie inquired.

"Nothing." He replied in a painfully forced tone. "Don't worry about it, let's just move on."

That 'a boy.

The End

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