Boogie Nights at the Paisley and Peppermint Pub

As the fog machine began to flood the pub with the moody blue mist and the mirror ball began to spin, the fiddler became electrified and the piano player began to wail on the electronic organ,  Slick Sly brought to life Boogie Nights at the Paisley and Peppermint Pub.

Out of the bathroom, the K-Man and the Purple Mist came walking a good two feet higher off the ground than when they went in..  "Hey, man!"

The Bella, the diva of the disco floor, strutted to the stage in her fish-net stockings, obviously a trend-setter followed by her whole entourage of hot ladies.  They were all in hopes of the Nickster picking them out of the line and into the spot light. 

And there he was, in all his polyester wonder, the Nickster, sideburns blazing, hair gel glistening, his leather pants driving the ladies crazy.

But trouble was at hand, for the K-Man was ready to make this floor his own this night, and the Red Queen would be his partner, that sassy, classy, don't-mess-with-me gal of the streets, the former girlfriend of Moons, the local muscle in this area.  They were all here, lining up on two sides of this Pub Club.  On one side, the Prose Boys Club and on the other, the Dead Poets Society.

What would be the end of this night?  How would the night end here in boogie world?


The End

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