Meanwhile, Redhat still lingers in the men's room deep in conversation.  He's pretty much been there since the beginning.  Ironically, he's too self-absorbed to realize that the person he's talking to is his own smudged reflection in the filthy bathroom mirror.  

"It's funny.  Such wild senseless chaos going on out there, yet you're cool as ice water in here stuffing narcotics up your nose.  It seems kind of backwards."  

The blurry reflection doesn't reply; just tilts his head contemplatively.  
"It's all chemistry you know...  People think the brain works on electricity, but it's all chemical."  

He thinks about this for a moment.  

"Looking from the outside, drugs seem to rot your brain, but from the inside it's all different.  The chemicals make you blossom.  It doesn't matter whether it's caffeine or endorphins or heroin." 

"Hmm."  He nods. 

"I know.  I've tried them all.  I guess I'm kind of an expert.  It's been a rough road.  Sometimes I wish I had gone a different route.  When I was a kid, I wanted to be snooker champion.  I loved that game."

"Hmm."  He nods.

The End

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